In our previous post, we wrote about our new product here, which is the alcohol jelly cake. We can now customise your order for the packaging and also for the flavour, where we can make a bespoke version of the alcohol jelly cake. The pricing will be different from the current price of the jelly cake (currently at RM60.00) and will depend on the customisation.


Myle Enterprise bespoke alcohol jelly cake
Myle Enterprise’s bespoke alcohol jelly cake.


We have also made a Father’s Day version of this jelly cake for the recent Father’s Day celebration that took place this month. Here is a video which shows our latest alcohol jelly cake advertisement :



If you are interested in this alcohol jelly cake, please do not hesitate to send us a message or e-mail us at This cake is suitable for celebrations like when you organise a birthday party and it is so good you can even eat it as it is, like as a dessert. Perhaps this will one day be one of the favourite desserts in Malaysia.

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