Wishing You A Great 2019 Year Ahead

Wishing You A Great 2019 Year Ahead

It is already the Year 2019. Chinese New Year is coming in a few days’ time. Last year, we mentioned that we will post one blog post per month, which we did. For this year, we will only post if there is a paying customer that takes our blog services or if there is a need. For information about our blog services, please contact us at myle@myleenterprise.com for more information or you can view our information by clicking on this link here.


Talking about Chinese New Year, we have our CNY hairband for sale now at our online shop at www.myleenterprise.com/shop. The CNY hairband is also suitable for Valentine’s Day as it has a red flower, which is usually an item that is seen during Valentine’s Day. Please visit our store for more items and services that you can order, for example our table decoration.


Myle Enterprise CNY Hairband


Wishing you a Happy 2019, have a great year ahead with good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. Wishing you an advanced Happy Chinese New Year and also Happy Valentine’s Day, which will take place on 14 February 2019.

Testimonial For Exabytes Group of Companies

Testimonial For Exabytes Group of Companies

This post is a testimonial that goes out specially to Exabytes Group of Companies. We have been experiencing a problem-free webhosting this year and we are very happy with this. Our webhosting provider is Exabytes Group of Companies. A big thank you to Chan Kee Siak, CEO of Exabytes and your team.


Exabytes have been providing a smooth webhosting experience throughout the year and they constantly have updates about their services as well as maintenance that take place. They also have attractive packages, discounts and sometimes free items or services for existing customers.


You have made our website possible with your webhosting, where we can post up our blog posts and we have even set up our online shop at www.myleenterprise.com/shop. Thank you, Exabytes. Wishing you good business and continuous success for your company.

Natural Jelly With Honey, Cocoa Powder and Baileys

Natural Jelly With Honey, Cocoa Powder and Baileys

One of our latest flavour for our alcohol jelly cake is natural jelly with honey, cocoa powder and Baileys. It was made for an elderly lady’s birthday. She does not consume a lot of alcohol, so we made a healthier alternative version.


Myle Enterprise Alcohol Jelly Cake (Natural jelly, honey, cocoa powder, Baileys)


The jelly is made using agar-agar. Agar-agar is suitable for vegetarians. Most of our jellies are made using agar-agar instead of gelatine. For this version, we did not include sugar in the jelly but instead we drizzled pure honey over it and sprinkled with cocoa powder. Honey is good for health as it is rich in anti-oxidants. Cocoa powder is rich in flavanols which may stabilize blood pressure, improve blood flow to your brains and is supposed to make you feel good by improving your mood.


For more information about what agar-agar is, click here for this article from The Star, which might be a good read. Regarding honey and its benefits, this article here would provide some insights into the goodness of honey and this article here tells you the different types of honey found in Malaysia. The article here and here talks about the benefits of cocoa and chocolate, which is made from cocoa.


As for the Baileys, we put it separately instead of cooking it with the jelly. You can choose to consume the Baileys with the jelly, eat the jelly then drink the Baileys or if you do not want to consume alcohol, you can just eat the jelly as it is. Baileys is made of Irish cream and whisky.


We made small bite size versions of the jelly and arranged it in a bowl, complete with some decoration and a Happy Birthday sign. It is like a unique version of a cake, bespoke indeed.


This is a video of our natural jelly cake with Baileys : https://youtu.be/LsT2eFcndjc


If you would like a healthier version of our alcohol jelly cake, you can order this at our online shop at www.myleenterprise.com/shop.