Qingming Festival

Qingming Festival

Earlier this month, there was the Qingming (pronounced “ching ming”) Festival, which is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day or Pure Brightness Festival. It is a Chinese festival where people pray to their deceased ancestors and visit their ancestors’ graves or column-bariums to clean and enhance the grave/column-barium. This festival is usually celebrated on the 4th or 5th of April every year of the Gregorian calendar.


Some people will begin their celebration as early as the end of March and some have been known to celebrate this festival late, about one to two weeks after the 4th/5th of April. People will travel back to their hometown, to where their ancestors are buried or where the urn holding the ashes of their ancestors are placed, to give their respects to their ancestors. In China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, it is a holiday but in many other parts of the world where this festival is widely celebrated, for example Malaysia, they do not get a day off for this festival.


According to legend, Qingming Festival began about 700 – 500 BC to commemorate a man called Jie Zitui. He was a loyal servant, who cut off a piece of meat from his own leg so that he can feed his lord and prevent his lord from dying of hunger. His lord wanted to repay his kindness by rewarding him but he was too late, as the loyal servant was already dead. Hence, Qingming Festival was created to remember the deceased loyal servant.
Qingming Festival is also the celebration of spring; of the planting season in China and there will be spring outings where people will gather with their family and friends, exercise outdoors to enjoy nature and have kite flying activities. This festival is a combination of sadness (remembering the beloved ancestors that have passed away) and also happiness as the spring outings encourage gathering of family and friends and also good, healthy activities.


In Malaysia, we celebrate Qingming Festival by praying to the deceased. We do not have the spring outings or kite flying activitives during this festival as it is spring/summer all year round and we can always have spring outings anytime we like. Below are some of the things that are done during the prayers.

The tombs are maintained.
Tombs at the graveyard will be swept, cleaned and any wordings on the tombstones which needs to be re-written will be attended to.

Food and beverages (normally tea) are offered to the deceased during prayers. 
These food will be eaten by the people conducting the prayers after the prayers are over. The food offered during the prayers can be vegetarian option or with meat and some will serve the food that the deceased liked when they were still alive.

This prayer table has a combination of traditional and modern food offered, with pizza being one of the favourite food of the deceased ancestor.
Fruits and sweet delicacies are offered during prayers.
These fruits and sweet delicacies (known as ‘kuih’ in Malay language) will also be eaten by the people conducting the prayers after the prayers are over.



Flowers are brought to the deceased ancestors and placed in vases in front of the altar or the tombstone.
The flowers for prayers are usually chrysanthemum and commonly yellow in colour.


Some chrysanthemums are found in a variety of different colours aside from yellow.


Joss sticks (also known as incense sticks) and candles are burnt.
Joss sticks are burnt and usually people will say a prayer to the deceased ancestor they are praying to. There will be a place to put the joss stick and candles in, for example a pot filled with sand and ashes.


Joss paper are burnt.
Joss papers, known as “gold paper” (direct translation from Chinese language) are burnt for the deceased. It is believed that the deceased are able to use these burnt joss paper as money in their after life.

Paper effigies are burnt.
Paper effigies resembling our daily items such as mobile phones, clothing, animals and even human beings are burnt as a form of prayer to the deceased. It is believed that the deceased will then be able to receive the burnt items and use these items or keep the companionship of the animals or human beings in their after life. Paper effigies making are an ancient craft and the craftsmanship of some of these effigies are so creative that it resemble real life every day items, with luxury brands lookalike available. Seems like the deceased need to live luxuriously too.

How To Organise A Simple Private Party

How To Organise A Simple Private Party

Organising an event is not an easy task and requires a lot of attention to details. It is not rocket science as well and it is mostly common sense. You can add a lot of elements into the event especially if you have an unlimited budget. 

Today, we are going to look into the process of organising a simple private party. Private parties are by invitation only and are usually celebrated with people whom you know for example birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or hen nights as it is fondly known in some countries and many more. People can be celebrating anything and everything from welcoming family members back to their hometown to throwing a party on their recent job promotion or saying farewell.

Here are the steps to plan a party.

What are you celebrating and the theme of your event
Know what you are celebrating and if you want, you can choose a theme for the event.

For example, you are throwing a housewarming party to celebrate your recent move to a new house. You can set the theme as “Mi kasa, su kasa” which literally means “My house, your house” in Spanish and have your event setting revolving around items and decoration commonly found in Spain. The saying “mi kasa, su kasa” is also a from of greeting to make your guests feel comfortable and at home but let’s hope that your guests do not go overboard with your hospitality and really start to treat your house like their own home.

Date and time

Decide the date and time of your event.

Number of guests
After that, determine the number of guests you will be having at your event.

You can consider whether you would want to hold the party at your home or out of your home. The venue would need to be able to accommodate the number of guests you are having at your event.

Food and beverages
Next, you decide on whether you want to provide food and beverages at your party. If your answer is yes, then you can consider cooking the food on your own or to hire caterers. You get to show off your amazing cooking skills and save some cost if you cook your own food but it can be time consuming, which you need to factor in the time in your planning schedule. 
Hiring caterers can save your time to prepare and cook the food, especially if you have a huge amount of guests plus the caterers would serve their food and beverages in professional serving dishes. Most caterers also have tableware such as cutleries, plates, bowls and glasses which you can rent at a separate cost. 
Another option on food and beverages is taking away from restaurants or ordering deliveries but you will need your own tableware.


You can then invite your guests and remember to include the details of your event.

Sample invitation

Dress code

It would be good to set a dress code so that your guests know what to wear and what to expect of the party mood setting.

Decoration/Setting up the venue

If you have the budget, you can include some decoration to make the party venue look more attractive. Even if you do not have the budget for decoration, you will still need to think of the set up for the party venue. You will need to consider if there are proper space and pathways for guests to navigate their way around the venue; whether you need chairs and tables. 
If you are holding the party at your own home, then you need to think of whether you will need to rearrange some furniture to accommodate the guests. You would not want your lounge chair to be blocking half the entrance to your home and some random flower decoration in a huge vase brushing your guests’ faces every time they pass by the hallway to get their drinks.

Depending on the party you are throwing and whether you have extra budget, there are other elements you would need to consider such as :
Door gifts

Entertainment such as music to be played during your event
Activities such as games
Hiring photographer and/or videographer

These are the basic steps to organising a simple party. Have fun during your party and at the end of your event, there is always the clearing up of the venue and cleaning up part to take care of.

Of course, it will be much easier to hire an event organiser to take care of all these for you. You can just leave it to the event organiser to plan your party and manage it for you while you sit back and relax. At Myle Enterprise, we can organise private parties for you and we focus mainly on adult social events.

It’s an egg, it’s a rabbit… No, it’s our Threeasure Hunt Event

It’s an egg, it’s a rabbit… No, it’s our Threeasure Hunt Event

Myle Enterprise’s Threeasure Hunt event was held on 25 March 2016 (Friday) and 27 March 2016 (Sunday), where details on this event was written in our last blog post. This event is called Threeasure Hunt (pronounced “treasure hunt”) because Myle Enterprise is three years old, hence the event is called THREEasure Hunt. 27 March 2016, which is the second day of this event, was also Easter Day and according to German folklore, rabbits will be bringing eggs or hiding them as treasures for people to find.


Our event revolves around eggs, hunting and on our second day of our event, we even have our event crews dress up as bunnies to give out eggs-citing prizes. Some of our prizes were made out of edible eggs and they were created by Meus Gift, which creates gifts for events, for example door gifts.


Clockwise from lower left : Flower bouquet made out of eggs; Golden egg candy; Olympic-torch inspired egg holder with egg inside; Myle Enteprise cash vouchers with eggs in a basket; and eggs in a glass bowl decorated with a big ribbon.


Flower bouquet made out of edible eggs.


Edible eggs in silver decorated wrappers. Available exclusively from Meus Gift.


How this event worked was like this – we were at different venues in Penang island during different times on 25 March 2016 and 27 March 2016 (afternoon onwards). Before the event began on each day, we posted up hints on where the venue of this event will be in our Facebook event page and those who were at the correct venue where we were at, will just need to register as a participant, take a picture and they get to take home a prize. The participants were 18 years old and above.


Our first venue on the first day of event was at Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) and we were there from 4pm until 6pm.



The lucky participants from Event Day 1, Venue 1.


Our next venue was Bay Avenue and we were there for half an hour.


The lucky participants from Event Day 1, Venue 2.


Our last stop for the first day of this event was Bayan Bay and we were there for half an hour.


The lucky participants from Event Day 1, Venue 3.


Here is a picture of our event photographer and crew holding the prizes which were given out on the first day of our event.


Event photographer and event crew on our first day of event, holding some of the prizes to be given out to the participants. These 2 event crews were very dishonest as they stole the event uniform (the t-shirt) and didn’t return it to us. We won’t recommend to take their services or hire them for jobs.


On the second day of our event, our event crews dressed up in bunny-styled attires. The event was from 1pm until 8pm.

Our event crews in bunny-styled attires posing with our event photographer.


The first venue on our second day of our event was Karpal Singh Drive and we were there for an hour.


The lucky participants on our Event Day 2, Venue 1.


The second venue on the second day of this event was at Esplanade Penang (Padang Kota Lama). It was a sunny and hot day. There were tourists and locals seen at this venue. We were there for an hour.


The lucky participants on Event Day 2, Venue 2.


The third venue on our second day for this event was Batu Ferringhi. Penang is a paradise of sun, sand and beach. Many people were seen lounging on the sandy beach of Batu Ferringhi and some were swimming in the water. There were people playing water sports like jet skiing, parachuting and some were having their food at the stalls in Batu Ferringhi. We were there for an hour.


The lucky participants on Event Day 2, Venue 3.


After that, we traveled to our last venue for the second day of our event, which was Gurney Drive. Some were resting while enjoying the view of the sea while some were found jogging along the stretch by the seaside. Quite a number of people were walking around Gurney Drive, from the shopping malls to the hotels, the residences and eateries. We were there for one and a half hours.


The lucky participants from our Event Day 2, Venue 4.


More pictures on this event can be seen in our Facebook photo album on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MyleEnterprisePage.
It was nice to meet all the participants of this event and we look forward to hearing from you on future events. We thank all the participants for taking part in this event and thank you to the event team members as well as those who have helped us in one way or another to make Myle Enterprise’s Threeasure Hunt a success. See you at our next event.