We are now blogging from our new platform over at WordPress which will show in our website. It is the new interface where it is found all in one place – our website and our blog.Please take a look around our website. You can view the tabs on the top right corner of all our web page.


Our main page is our Home page which will show you the summary of what we do.
For our list of services offered, please view our Event Services page.
Our blog posts can be found in our Blog page.
We also have a page dedicated to our emcee, M.Y. (who is also the owner). You can finally see the person behind this business.


We are not just a robotic company typing out blog posts, we actually have human behind this. Technology is advanced but not as advanced yet as of now to let machines or robots handle everything. There might be a day when the artificial intelligence will take over majority of the jobs. For now, enjoy having some human interaction while you view the online website we have.


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*The information on the webpages are correct as of time of posting.


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