What We Had In Year 2019

What We Had In Year 2019

As we reach the end of Year 2019, we take a look at some of what happened at Myle Enterprise throughout the year.


We have a new type of jelly, which is the Guilingao. It is a healthy food, which has numerous health benefits such as improving skin complexion and it is cooling for the body.


This is the YouTube video advertisement for our Guilingao Jelly, which also comes in another flavour, Guilingao with Sago Pearl : https://youtu.be/pvIIh9gXLOI


Our Alcohol Jelly comes in cute shapes now, like the Rabbit Jelly : https://youtu.be/Clkq9hVNqW0


Even the Guilingao Jelly comes in the Rabbit Guilingao shape : https://youtu.be/aZlf70oy1fU


Corsages are decorated pins or handbands which you wear to events, be it for VIPs or to be given to your date at prom. We sell them here and at the moment we make them using artificial flower :


We are now selling customised gift sets like our Egg Gift Set :

Egg Gift Set


Our Wrapped Edible Egg/Candy Egg can also be packaged up so that you can buy it as door gifts for your event or celebration :

Wrapped Edible Egg


All our items are available at www.myleenterprise.com/shop.

We are also selling on Lazada at www.lazada.com.my/shop/myle-enterprise.


A shoutout to Exabytes Group of Companies for being our web hosting provider. They provide web hosting plans, emails, websites, high specs servers and digital marketing services to improve your website traffic and conversion; domains to establish your online brand; and web design services. It is good for businesses to have their own website or to even set up an e-commerce site so that they can sell their products online aside from physically, just like what we are doing now.

We say goodbye to Year 2019 and welcome Year 2020. May it be a happier, healthier, wealthier and more successful year as we say farewell to the old year.


Alcohol Jelly Cake, Our New Product

Alcohol Jelly Cake, Our New Product

We have a new product for sale which is our alcohol jelly cake. It is jelly made with alcohol as one of the ingredients and it is packaged like a cake. It is suitable for birthdays, celebrations, occasions and you can even have it as a dessert.


At this moment we have two flavours which are orange vodka flavour and strawberry wine flavour. You can choose between a round, approximately six inches wide cake or individually-packed cakes (something like a cupcake style, where it is suitable for one-person’s consumption). If you choose to order the individually-packed cake, the minimum order is five pieces.


Myle Enterprise Alcohol Jelly Cake
Round alcohol jelly cake.


Individually-packed alcohol jelly cake.


At this moment, the cake is selling at RM60.00. It is a pretty good price considering that it is made with alcohol, which can be a costly ingredient and it is packaged up nicely. You can consider this as an alternative to the usual cakes you can buy like the icing cake.


Here is a video advertisement about our alcohol jelly cake : https://youtu.be/UMtZSCyZ96s



More information about this alcohol jelly cake and purchase can be made here : https://myleenterprise.com/product/alcohol-jelly-cake/

Ice Cream Day

Ice Cream Day

Today is Ice Cream Day. It is not Ice Cream Day because it is a day to eat ice cream but rather it is a celebration. You can always enjoy ice cream anytime you like. Some ice cream have milk and this is not good news for those who are allergic to milk. Natural ice cream and sorbet would be a better choice for them.


We have an ice cream recipe which is a sorbet. Even if your ice cream vendors are disappointing you with their ice cream or you cannot go to an ice cream shop to get your ice cream, you can always make yourself this ice cream. You can also make this to serve to your guests during your party or events.


Ingredients :

1 banana

Goji berry for garnishing and flavour

Honey (optional)


  1. Peel and mash the banana.
  2. Put the mashed banana into a container suitable for freezing.
  3. Put some goji berries as topping on the mashed banana.
  4. Freeze the container with your ingredients in it. When the ingredients are fully frozen, you have your sorbet.
  5. Serve.


If you are using honey, you can either add honey during the mashing process or you can drizzle honey onto your sorbet when serving. Ensure that you mix the honey and banana well if you are including honey into the banana during the mashing process.


There you go, a sorbet recipe so simple you can make it on your own. Happy Ice Cream Day.