Keeping Yourself Healthy

It has been hazy these past few days in Penang, Malaysia and it causes health problems. Many are seen coughing, having skin allergies and the haze can cause asthma attacks. We need to keep ourselves healthy and immune system strong in order not to fall sick especially in such a bad condition.


We would like to share with you some tips and steps you can take to keep yourself healthy.


  • Drink enough water everyday to keep yourself hydrated. It is recommended that you drink about 2 litres of water per day.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet that is low in cholesterol and fat and moderate in salt and sugar. The term ‘diet’ does not mean that you need to cut down on food or stop eating to become slim. The word ‘diet’ in the dictionary means “the types of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats“.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep and rest well. Adults are recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. The sleeping time might decrease as you age but do get enough rest when tired.
  • Exercise regularly. We have previously talked about exercising in one of our previous blog posts. It is recommended to exercise at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-instensity aerobics activity per week, according to U.S.A.’s  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Have healthy bowel movement. Yes, we are talking about s-h-i-t and to ensure that you get rid of it. You need to visit the washroom at least once a day to pass motion.
  • Keep your hygiene up. Remember to bathe regularly, brush your teeth, wash your hair, trim your nails and wash your hands when it is dirty.
  • Try not to smoke.
  • If you consume alcohol, drink in moderation.
  • Stay positive and happy. If you are feeling upset and stressed, try to relieve stress and do something that makes you happy. It is like what they sing in the song of “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music : “… when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel, so bad“.


We hope that you will keep yourself healthy for your own good or even for your loved ones. Your loved ones will worry if you are ill and no one would like to see their loved ones suffer. So, let’s not make your loved ones worry.


Exercise To Keep Yourself Healthy

Exercise To Keep Yourself Healthy

In this very busy world of ours, we are all occupied with our own matters to attend to in hand. It is very easy to neglect our own health. Who have not cut down their sleep in order to fit in a few hours of finishing up work or to have that last few drinks before going off from that event with new business contacts ? Yours truly who is writing this article is guilty of this though the reasons may be different.


What is important to us is exercise. Regardless of how busy we are, we will need to fit in exercise into our schedule. Some like to exercise in a group, some like to exercise alone. It is up to the individual how they want to conduct their exercise as long as they find the joy and benefit in it.


Some who prefers to exercise in a group do so because they can have some company to exercise along with them. Those who do not like to exercise might find it mundane and when they exercise with someone else or in a group, they might find it easier to get through the task. It can benefit you if you prefer to exercise with a friend or group but ensure you do not get distracted and start chatting instead of exercising. You can set a group goal and encourage each other.


Those who like to exercise on their own can find joy in the benefit of moving freely on their own. They can track their progress and tailor fit their own exercise regime according to their own liking. If you do not exercise everyday and if you missed one day of your exercise, you can replace it the next day. If it is a group exercise, then it would be harder to change the date the exercise is set to.


There are many types of exercises you can do for example those who like faster paced exercise can do aerobics while those who like slower paced exercise can try yoga and those who like endurance can look into running marathons. There is something right for everyone so if you do not like a certain type of exercise, you can try something else. Do not force yourself or exert too much energy then end up being too tired or hating exercise and never wanting to exercise again. Stretching is also good for your health. If you are unable to do physically challenging or strenuous exercise, perhaps due to injury, then stretching will at least get your blood moving.


Remember to wear comfortable clothing when exercising. You would want to be able to move comfortably and not have torn pants when you do your sit-ups. Drink lots of water after your exercise to replenish loss of fluid.


While we are not an expert in physical exercises, we do exercise and have been consistently exercising a few times a week. Being in business, it can be hard to juggle between business, personal life and leisure with only 24 hours a day and so many things to do. We do know that exercising has been beneficial in keeping mental alertness and boosting our health. It is true for us that if without a good enough health to get by, it is hard to carry out daily normal routines and what more to even handle business matters. Please keep yourself healthy and stay on top of your own game as only you can live your own life in your own body.


Building A Website For Your Business

We mentioned in our last blog post that is alive again and our blog can be viewed there too. Previously, we had our website pointing to our domain back in Year 2015 and we even did a launching for the website during our Myle Enterprise’s 2nd Year Anniversary Event. Then for the past year in 2016, we created our blog and decided to use the blog platform at Blogger as our website while we kept our domain, though it was not pointing to the blog.


If you are running a business, you would benefit by having a website. Freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, companies and anyone providing services or selling products would benefit if they have a website. You can list down your services or show your products online so that people can view them. You can even create a website or webpage dedicated for a particular event. Some event websites even include a counter to countdown to the event date. Your website should describe what you do and have your contact details.


You can choose to create your own website or you can hire a web designer to create it for you. If you are not familiar with technology and would not want the hassle of creating your own website, then it would be better for you to hire a web designer to do it for you. There are a lot of templates and ready-made designs available online nowadays, so you do not really need to know how to code to create a website. You would still need to know what you want to include in your website and what your website is for. Here are a few things to consider and some steps in order to create a website of your own.


Decide What Is Your Website For
Have clear purpose on what your website is for and what you want to be included in the website. For example, if your website is for your business and you want a simple one-page website to talk about the history of your business, what you sell and your contact information then ensure that you built a website based on this or tell your web designer that this is what you have in mind.


Choose A Domain Name
Domain is your web address that you choose such as or It would be professional to own your own domain name especially if you are running your own business. Choose a domain name that would reflect your business name or something as close to it as possible if the domain name you want is already taken. You would need to register the domain name and yearly payment is needed. If you do not renew your domain name, you will risk losing your domain name if someone else purchases that domain name.


Choose A Hosting Platform
You would want to choose a reliable hosting platform as you will have your contents and information stored at the hosting platform. It would also be good to choose a hosting platform that offers good support with relatively fast replies and especially one you can communicate with, in particular if you are creating the website yourself as you might run into some issues during the creation stage.


Choose Your Website Builder / Content Management System
There are plenty of website builders available nowaday and it usually have a drag and drop system to create your website. This means that you can select what you want to include into your website and drag it into a template of your website. A Content Management System (CMS) is a software that allows you to log in to their CMS platform’s website, design the outlook of your website and add contents such as blog posts. Examples of CMS are WordPress, Blogger and Joomla. Examples of website builders are Wix and Weebly.


Blogger has the most basic outlook and it is mainly used for blogging purposes as it is very easy to manage when uploading blog posts. Website builders save your time to create a website with the drag and drop functions and if you are in a hurry to create a website, this would be your choice. WordPress has functions of both a website builder and CMS. You can install plugins which have functions like drag and drop, and you can upload blog posts in there as well. It would require you to have some knowledge on using their functions to build a website and it takes time if you want to build a website suited for your needs and includes something different from what is found in their templates. You can always experiment and there are support or forums found online if you experience some issues while building your website.


Choose The Template Or Outlook Of Your Website
You can choose whether you want your website to look classic, elegant, modern, dark or fun. You can also choose how many pages you want in your website. If you are selling services or products online, you can include e-commerce functions. Keep in mind that you would want your customers to easily navigate around your website, so keep it user friendly.


Nowadays, there are a lot of people using mobile phones or tablets to view websites. Always check that the template you choose is mobile and tablet friendly. The contents of your website should load neatly in either desktop, mobile or tablet mode.


Create Your Content
You must include what you do and state it very clearly in your website. Have you ever visited a website and you have no idea what they do or what they are selling because it is not stated in their website ? There is no point for you to set up a website and waste your time or money on it if you do not tell your viewers, who are your potential customers, what you do.


Another important part you must include in your website are your contact details. If your potential customer is interested in your service or product, they would want to contact you. Not unless you have a system which lets them complete the purchase of a product in your website without needing to contact anyone, it would still be useful if you have a contact number or e-mail displayed in case they need more information or they run into any issue during the purchase in your website. You can always include a contact form in your website where you customer can include details or their comments to be sent to you for your reply.


You might want to consider putting some pictures up in your website to make it more interesting. It could be pictures of your business, your previous events, your products, your staff or about your company. You can also include a story of your business or a history of your company.


Keep The Future In Mind
Your website should be easy to maintain after it is created. There should be a system where you can easily update your details if there are any changes. It should also let you easily upload your products or your blog posts, if you have a blog in your website.


We hope you find these tips useful. Remember that your website should serve your business well to help you let more people know about your business and to reach new customers online, so build a website which can serve that purpose.