It Is Our 6th Anniversary Today

It Is Our 6th Anniversary Today

It is Myle Enterprise’s 6th birthday today. We want to say thank you to all our customers, suppliers, friends, fans and all those who have been there for us throughout all these years.


Myle Enterprise Event Creator & Event Services 6th Birthday


Today we are busy customising event items for our paying customer. For business, most important is to have incoming money to sustain. That is the reality. We now provide event items which can be viewed at our online shop. For customised items, you may contact us for more information. We are still providing event services, emcee and blogging services.


Customed event items, this one are bears for events by Myle Enterprise
Currently, we are customising these bears for our customers who wants them for an event/festival. Carrots (the rabbit soft toy) is usually seen in our posts and is now all dolled up, wearing a customised bespoke outfit. The white chair Carrots is sitting on is also sold here as decoration item.


We have learnt a lot throughout these years, we still have a lot to learn and we hope to keep growing with the many more years here at Myle Enterprise. We look forward to meeting new customers and new people for our business. For those amazing people who have been with us throughout these years, we appreciate you. Have a great day.

Red Eggs

Red Eggs

Red eggs are usually given away or served as a dish during a dining course during birthdays for the Chinese culture. It signifies joy, birth and renewed life. The eggs are hard boiled eggs which are dyed in red colour. Red colour signifies good luck and prosperity for the Chinese.


We have red eggs wrapped up in candy style for sale in our online shop at It will be suitable for those celebrating their birthdays and want to purchase the eggs to be given to family and friends to eat. You can even buy the eggs as as a gift for someone celebrating their birthday. We also have another type of decorated egg for sale, which is the Wrapped Edible Eggs, which is wrapped up in gold wrapper or bright-coloured paper in Olympic torch-inspired style.



World Egg Day

World Egg Day

World Egg Day will be celebrated on 13 October 2017 this year. In conjunction with this celebration, we are going to write about the ways eggs can be cooked. When you visit a restaurant and especially if you order an egg for breakfast at the hotel’s buffet, they will ask you how you would like your egg. Here is how you can order your egg.



1.  Hard scrambled

The egg is fully cooked, meaning the white and yolk are cooked thoroughly and not runny. The white and yolk are broken and mixed together in a pan while they are being cooked.


2.  Soft scrambled

This version of scrambled egg is less dry than the hard scrambled. This can be done either by reducing the cooking time or by adding in milk/butter and whipping the egg before cooking it.


3.  Hard boiled

The egg is fully cooked by putting the whole egg in its shell form into boiling water. Ten to fifteen minutes would usually do the trick.


4. Soft boiled

The white is cooked but the yolk is still runny. The egg is cooked using the same method as hard boiled by putting the egg into boiling water but the cooking time is reduced.


5. Sunny side up

The egg yolk is facing upwards and surrounded by the egg white. The egg white is cooked, though some parts may still be runny, while the yolk is runny. The egg is cracked into a pan and cooked until the edges are brown. The egg is not flipped at all.


6. Over easy

The beginning part for cooking an over easy is the same as sunny side up, except that when the edges are brown, the egg will be flipped. The other side of the egg will then be cooked until a film is made over the yolk. The yolk and also maybe some of the whites will be runny.


7. Over medium

This uses the same cooking method as over easy, except the cooking time is longer. The film over the yolk is thicker and the whites are fully cooked. Only the yolk is runny.


8. Over hard

This uses the same method as both over easy and over medium, except the cooking time is much longer than both. The egg white and yolk are fully cooked.


9. Poached

The egg is boiled in water but without its shell. The egg yolk is still runny inside.


10. Basted

The way the egg is cooked is a mixture of frying and poaching the eggs. Hot fats or melted butter is spooned over the egg while it is being cooked, then just as the egg is about to set, water is poured over the egg and the pan is covered until the egg is cooked to your desired level of doneness. You can choose well done if you like your egg fully cooked or a shorter cooking time if you like your yolk runny.


11. Baked

The egg can be put into a dish or tin and baked in the oven. Other ingredients are usually added in, for example tomato. The egg will be fully cooked.


These are the ways eggs can be cooked and how you can order them at restaurants. There are many types of dishes made out of eggs for example and omelette, where it is using the scrambled method and the egg is folded over other ingredients. Egg are used for cooking and also for baking.


Previously we have done an event which had eggs as one of the main items for the event. It was for our event called Threeasure Hunt which was in conjunction with Myle Enterprise’s 3rd Anniversary. We gave away gifts made out of eggs to the lucky winners of the event (which was a combination of online and live event where it was some sort of treasure hunt with online tips for the hunt). The eggs were edible hard boiled eggs. Some of these gifts would make interesting door gifts for your events. More of our creations and items for sale can be seen at our online store at


Flower bouquet made out of eggs (edible hard boiled eggs are inside the blue wrappers).


Candies made out of eggs and Olympic-torch inspired egg gifts. They would make pretty interesting door gifts.


Eggs are not only tasty as food, they can be made into interesting gifts and decoration too. We wish you a Happy World Egg Day.