A centrepiece is what you place in the centre of your table amongst your food dishes or as a decoration on your table during dining. It is supposed to add some decoration and make your table look more attractive. We have a new event decoration item for sale in our online store. It is a gold-beaded bouquet centrepiece.



This centrepiece is supposed to look like a flower with gold-coloured centre, wrapped in red wrapping and tied with a yellow bow. It is an artist impression. This centrepiece made its first debut in an event recently, which you can read about here.


Christmas is coming next Monday, so there might be last minute shoppers shopping for Christmas presents. Here is our blog post about Christmas which we have previously written¬†here. We have had quite a number of last minute requests for Christmas items and Christmas event services. Thank you for your interest in our event services and also for your understanding if we were unable to provide some services due to time constraints. We will provide what services we can in our ability. We also appreciate those who are prompt in their replies and actions, be it customers or vendors, because it shows they value time without needing to waste anyone else’s time, especially when there is a dateline to meet. We wish you a Merry Christmas.