Our emcee, M.Y., is experienced in speaking for formal and non-formal events.


Her emcee experience began in Year 2004 when she was still studying in a local college in Penang. She emceed for the Law Society’s election of board members. Law Society, you ask ? Yes, you read that right. She possess a law degree with honours, LLB. (Hons).


You think she’s quiet ? Think again. She is trained in the legal field. How can she not talk ! People usually expect emcees or those in the legal field to always be talking non-stop (talk about being judgmental), she is not always talkative and likes to have a good mixture of being quiet and deciding when to talk. After all, she is the owner of this business, so it is important to listen aside from talking.


M.Y.’s experience in speaking includes taking part in a mooting event during her study years in university, held at the London School of Economics in United Kingdom. Her mooting was heard by Paul Garlick QC, who is a Queen’s Counsel, who gave her a score of 9/10 for overall speaker presentation. That is the highest score received amongst all the participants of that mooting section and she is one of the two participants to receive that. A Queen’s Counsel is a senior lawyer who is appointed by the Queen to be “one of Her Majesty’s Counsel learned in the law”. Who is Her Majesty ? That will be Queen Elizabeth as the Queen of England.


Having worked in the corporate sector in United Kingdom and Malaysia as well as her exposure to meeting students from different countries around the world while studying, M.Y. is comfortable with speaking to people from different ethnicities. She enjoys creative arts and likes to stay fit. Since young, she is certified in music, won choir competitions, led her high school sports house to be the champion under her guidance as the Assistant Captain, choreographed aerobics dances when she was the Aerobics Captain in her high school, choreographed several dance pieces for her high school concerts as well as Rangers gatherings. Her participation in beauty pageants saw her winning titles for one of Malaysia’s mall for Ambassador & Ambassadress search as well as for Miss Oriental Queen Competition.


She left the creative arts world behind when she went into the corporate world to work in the legal line. She became dull… Working life from 8am to 6pm was a bit like being a zombie. It was not until Year 2011 that she started emceeing again for a wedding. Not long later, she left the corporate world behind and she knew she needed to get her creative side again. Revival !


After that, she emceed, performed for some dance performances, did a bit of modelling and acted in a contemporary drama-dance piece for a Christmas event. She decides to keep only the emcee part active. She also picked up her video shooting hobby again which was left off since her time in United Kingdom. She produces simple videos that are sometimes featured in our blog seen in this website. 


While her overseas experience involves more of her speaking at formal events and settings, once she is back in Malaysia, she emceed at non-formal events as well. She has emceed at private events such as weddings, corporate events, events for the mall, public events and also charity events.


Let your event run well with an emcee informing your guests about your event program and interacting with them.


If you are interested to have emcee M.Y. at your event to emcee for you, please contact us at myle@myleenterprise.com. To know more about her, she has a blog at www.leongmy.com.

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