In this very busy world of ours, we are all occupied with our own matters to attend to in hand. It is very easy to neglect our own health. Who have not cut down their sleep in order to fit in a few hours of finishing up work or to have that last few drinks before going off from that event with new business contacts ? Yours truly who is writing this article is guilty of this though the reasons may be different.


What is important to us is exercise. Regardless of how busy we are, we will need to fit in exercise into our schedule. Some like to exercise in a group, some like to exercise alone. It is up to the individual how they want to conduct their exercise as long as they find the joy and benefit in it.


Some who prefers to exercise in a group do so because they can have some company to exercise along with them. Those who do not like to exercise might find it mundane and when they exercise with someone else or in a group, they might find it easier to get through the task. It can benefit you if you prefer to exercise with a friend or group but ensure you do not get distracted and start chatting instead of exercising. You can set a group goal and encourage each other.


Those who like to exercise on their own can find joy in the benefit of moving freely on their own. They can track their progress and tailor fit their own exercise regime according to their own liking. If you do not exercise everyday and if you missed one day of your exercise, you can replace it the next day. If it is a group exercise, then it would be harder to change the date the exercise is set to.


There are many types of exercises you can do for example those who like faster paced exercise can do aerobics while those who like slower paced exercise can try yoga and those who like endurance can look into running marathons. There is something right for everyone so if you do not like a certain type of exercise, you can try something else. Do not force yourself or exert too much energy then end up being too tired or hating exercise and never wanting to exercise again. Stretching is also good for your health. If you are unable to do physically challenging or strenuous exercise, perhaps due to injury, then stretching will at least get your blood moving.


Remember to wear comfortable clothing when exercising. You would want to be able to move comfortably and not have torn pants when you do your sit-ups. Drink lots of water after your exercise to replenish loss of fluid.


While we are not an expert in physical exercises, we do exercise and have been consistently exercising a few times a week. Being in business, it can be hard to juggle between business, personal life and leisure with only 24 hours a day and so many things to do. We do know that exercising has been beneficial in keeping mental alertness and boosting our health. It is true for us that if without a good enough health to get by, it is hard to carry out daily normal routines and what more to even handle business matters. Please keep yourself healthy and stay on top of your own game as only you can live your own life in your own body.


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