A privacy policy page is seen in almost every website that accepts payment and is definitely needed in e-commerce platforms. Some countries impose rules for websites to display their privacy policy clearly, stating what kind of information is extracted and how the data is handled. Data privacy breach is a big issue as many months ago, we saw the chief executive officer of a well known social media company being brought to court to be questioned about a data privacy scandal.


I am the owner of Myle Enterprise and I am writing this article now. If you have seen my emcee profile, you will see that I am a law graduate and I also have graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology/Computer Science. I shall now impart some knowledge which I humbly have just gained a little insight into this privacy policy. My mother and father should be very happy to know that their hardwork and hard earned money have not gone to waste to put me through the many years of studies and sent me overseas to graduate in law. It has not gone down the drains and I still use these knowledge when I need them, especially with me setting up my own business. Of course there is no need to purposely trigger these knowledge application because if I wanted to become a lawyer or a computer engineer, I would have pursued my path further in the said field.


I have drafted my own privacy policy for this website and combined with my degree and diploma, you get the best of both worlds of law and information technology as well as my perspective from a business point of view. Did you know that WordPress and some plugins like WooCommerce have guidelines to help you with what to include in your privacy policy ? You too can create your own privacy policy without needing to go to a lawyer and incurring a hefty sum for them to draft your privacy policy. I am not trying to put my ex-classmate lawyers out of business here, but there are some things you can do on your own without needing a lawyer. I am also glad to say that during my recent conversations with some lawyer acquaintances I have known for more than 10-20 years, they have told me that there are some matters I can attend to without needing them lawyers to handle for me. In a way I can say that it is good to know that they are not just focused on money gains but they give honest advices with integrity.


Regarding this privacy policy, this guideline will be useful if you are using WordPress and WooCommerce. If you do not use these, you can still view some of the content points on what to include. I found the privacy policy guidelines in my WooCommerce – Settings – Accounts & Privacy. You get to write what is your Registration privacy policy (the page where customers register their details) and Checkout privacy policy (the page where your customers checkout and pay for their selected services and items). You can see these in the following screenshot.


From WooCommerce – Settings – Accounts & Privacy, you can click on “privacy page” which you can see in blue fonts from the previous screenshot. It will bring you to the Privacy Settings which you can see in the next screenshot.


As you scroll further down the Privacy Settings page, you will a button stating “Create New Page”. Click on this button and it will bring you to a new page for editing with the title “Privacy Policy”, as per the following screenshot.


The beginning of the contents of this editing page can be seen in the next screenshot. These texts are actually a pre-typed template by WordPress so you do not need to type it out on your own. They make it even easier for you, isn’t it? Most legal agreements like to begin their first paragraph with definitions of the terms used throughout the agreement for example : Myle Enterprise (hereinafter known as “Myle”) provides services and sale of products to customers (hereinafter known as “Customers”) with their website at https://myleenterprise.com (hereinafter known as “Website”). You can also choose to keep it simple but clear in this privacy policy and use the wordings typed out by WordPress for the introduction such as “Our website address is https://myleenterprise.com.” After all, you want to make it clear to your customers and not to overcomplicate your privacy policy. Reading all these legal wordings can really strain the eyes.


Somehow the font size, settings and spacing of the wordings in the WordPress template do not look very good and gives me the impression of being not easy on the eyes to read. You can type it out again in your own wordings or adjust the fonts settings. It is important to make your privacy policy page easy to read with proper indentations and spacing.


WordPress provides further guidelines on what to include in your privacy policy, as seen in this screenshot. This can be found in the “View Privacy Policy Guide” seen in the Privacy Policy editing page in blue fonts.



You can also refer to Myle Enterprise’s privacy policy page to be your guideline : https://myleenterprise.com/privacy-policy/. Have a good drafting journey to create your privacy policy. I would like to make a mention of the company that is web hosting my website, which is Exabytes. If you want to set up a website, need web hosting, domain name, server, website design and digital marketing; you may consider Exabytes and they can be contacted at their website here.


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