It Is Our 6th Anniversary Today

It Is Our 6th Anniversary Today

It is Myle Enterprise’s 6th birthday today. We want to say thank you to all our customers, suppliers, friends, fans and all those who have been there for us throughout all these years.


Myle Enterprise Event Creator & Event Services 6th Birthday


Today we are busy customising event items for our paying customer. For business, most important is to have incoming money to sustain. That is the reality. We now provide event items which can be viewed at our online shop. For customised items, you may contact us for more information. We are still providing event services, emcee and blogging services.


Customed event items, this one are bears for events by Myle Enterprise
Currently, we are customising these bears for our customers who wants them for an event/festival. Carrots (the rabbit soft toy) is usually seen in our posts and is now all dolled up, wearing a customised bespoke outfit. The white chair Carrots is sitting on is also sold here as decoration item.


We have learnt a lot throughout these years, we still have a lot to learn and we hope to keep growing with the many more years here at Myle Enterprise. We look forward to meeting new customers and new people for our business. For those amazing people who have been with us throughout these years, we appreciate you. Have a great day.

Alcohol Jelly Cake, Our New Product

Alcohol Jelly Cake, Our New Product

We have a new product for sale which is our alcohol jelly cake. It is jelly made with alcohol as one of the ingredients and it is packaged like a cake. It is suitable for birthdays, celebrations, occasions and you can even have it as a dessert.


At this moment we have two flavours which are orange vodka flavour and strawberry wine flavour. You can choose between a round, approximately six inches wide cake or individually-packed cakes (something like a cupcake style, where it is suitable for one-person’s consumption). If you choose to order the individually-packed cake, the minimum order is five pieces.


Myle Enterprise Alcohol Jelly Cake
Round alcohol jelly cake.


Individually-packed alcohol jelly cake.


At this moment, the cake is selling at RM60.00. It is a pretty good price considering that it is made with alcohol, which can be a costly ingredient and it is packaged up nicely. You can consider this as an alternative to the usual cakes you can buy like the icing cake.


Here is a video advertisement about our alcohol jelly cake :



More information about this alcohol jelly cake and purchase can be made here :

Madam Wong’s 70th Birthday

Recently, one of our customer, Madam Wong, celebrated her 70th birthday. We planned a dinner for her birthday which was on her actual birthday night.


Here is the video we created with the compilation of all the videos and pictures taken during her celebrations. She is very lucky to have not just one celebration but more than that. She also had the pleasure of her relatives coming from China to visit her in Penang, Malaysia so there were more feasting throughout her birthday week. They were not told that it was her birthday, though. Watch the video to know more.


Thank you, Madam Wong for being our customer and supporter since the beginning of Myle Enterprise’s time. Wishing you prosperity, longevity, continued happiness and good health always.


Happy birthday to you, Madam Wong.