Madam Wong’s 70th Birthday

Madam Wong’s 70th Birthday

Recently, one of our customer, Madam Wong, celebrated her 70th birthday. We planned a dinner for her birthday which was on her actual birthday night.
Here is the video we created with the compilation of all the videos and pictures taken during her celebrations. She is very lucky to have not just one celebration but more than that. She also had the pleasure of her relatives coming from China to visit her in Penang, Malaysia so there were more feasting throughout her birthday week. They were not told that it was her birthday, though. Watch the video to know more.

Thank you, Madam Wong for being our customer and supporter since the beginning of Myle Enterprise’s time. Wishing you prosperity, longevity, continued happiness and good health always.

Happy birthday to you, Madam Wong.

More Types Of Event Seating Arrangement and Layout

More Types Of Event Seating Arrangement and Layout

Last week we published our blog post called “Types of Event Seating Arrangement And Layout“. This week, we include more types of event layout and seating arrangements.

1. Horse-shoe

Horse-shoe layout.
Horse-shoe layout is in a rounded-U shape. There are only chairs placed in the horse-shoe shape with no tables. It is usually used for bigger groups.

2. Oval

Oval seating arrangement.
Oval style is just like the horse-shoe, where there are only chairs but it is arranged in the shape of an oval. 

3. V-Shape

V-shape layout.
This setting consists of two rows of tables, arranged in a V-like shape, if you are looking at it from the back of the room. There is a row of table on the left and a row of table on the right, with sufficient space for people to walk in between the two rows, to get to the front of the room. There is usually a speaker, presentation or program going on at the front of the room.

4. Herringbone

Herringbone layout.

Herringbone setting is rows of tables and chairs but inverted inwards in the middle of the room. Imagine fish bones but without the centre bone. It is like classroom style except the rows of tables and chairs are placed like arrow shape, if you are looking at it from the front of the room.

5. Theatre
Theatre-style layout.
Theatre style is where there are rows of chairs all facing towards the front of the room, where there is usually a stage area with speaker, presentation or performance going on. It is like the layout you see in the cinema or performance hall. There should be sufficient space for guests to slide in between the rows of chairs to get to their seat. There are walking spaces in between the columns containing rows of chairs. 

6. Cocktail
Cocktail layout.
Cocktail setting is where guests are all standing. Most of the time, cocktail tables (high tables) are placed at the event venue and sometimes, no tables and chairs at all. Guests can easily mingle and speak to other guests. Drinks are usually served and the type of food served for the guests’ convenience of eating would be cocktail-style food like finger food. It is advisable not to serve food that would require guests to use their fork and knife to cut as that would result in the rocking of the cocktail table.

7. Top table and sprigs
Top table and sprigs layout.
Top table and sprigs are commonly used in the western countries, especially in the United Kingdom. It is usually for more formal occassions. The table where it is referred to as “top table” is where the host and the important guests are seated. Sprig refers to the tables that are lined in front of the top table. The word ‘sprig’ means a small twig or stem with leaves or flowers on it. The line up of the tables and chairs resemble sprigs.
Some of the pictures on the seating arrangements above were created using There are many types of event layout that you can use for your event and you can even create your own layout. At the end of the day, what is important is that your layout allows your guests to move about and also be seated comfortably without getting blocked or knocked into. Imagine if you are standing and holding a drink while chatting with another guest at an event, then someone knocks into you because the tables were placed too close together and there is no place for guests to walk around. You would not like that.
Another example of layout not well thought of is tables and chairs placed too close together that when you are seated, the chair behind is touching your chair. Then when you want to get up and push your chair behind, you can knock the person sitting on the chair behind and have him cup his/her face into the soup bowl. Now, we would not want that to happen. So just use some common sense when it comes to creating your layout for your event.
A Surprise Birthday Celebration In Singapore

A Surprise Birthday Celebration In Singapore

We celebrated one of our customer’s birthday recently in Singapore. It was a surprise early birthday celebration. Mr. Leong has been our customer at Myle Enterprise during the beginning of our business set up.
Mr. Leong is actually from Penang, Malaysia but went to Singapore for a holiday trip with his family. It was a meaningful celebration as he got to celebrate his birthday early with his relatives in Singapore, whom he does not get to meet often. 

Mr. Leong’s family photo at Gelatissimo in Singapore. You can see Taufiq from Gelatissimo behind, holding both his thumbs up.

While he was having his dinner with his family, we went to get gelato and presented it to him as his “birthday cake”, complete with candles for him to make a wish and blow the candles out. The gelato we got was from the Gelatissimo branch at Singapore Flyer. 

The gelato was scooped individually into single cups, which was then presented nicely with biscuit wafers and mini spoons. Mind you, this presentation was done impromptu and we would say it is pretty impressive without prior planning. The credit goes to the friendly person-in-charge at this Gelatissimo outlet, which was Taufiq. We told him about the little birthday surprise we wanted to give Mr. Leong and Taufiq was so nice to scoop the gelato into full presentable cups. Looks like he filled it way beyond the cup and we appreciate his generous serving of the delicious gelato. Please note that this presentation is done only upon special request for this surprise birthday celebration, so if you would want something like this for your celebration, you can always contact Gelatissimo at Singapore Flyer for more details. Their contact details are included at the end of this article.

As for the candles, we took it with us when we travelled from Penang to Singapore as we wanted to be ready to have a celebration but just deciding on where, when and what details. So we managed to pull off a planned-impromptu surprise (if that makes sense). Trust us as event organisers to jump into action whenever there is an event for us to plan but it is not like we always carry candles everywhere we go. We will make do with what resources we have.

If you noticed from the picture above, the gelato was slightly melted. This is due to the brief walking distance from the Gelatissimo outlet to Mr. Leong’s dining table to surprise him and the heat from the candles contributed to this too. This melting goodness made the gelato even more delicious as it was so tastefully creamy once you put it into your mouth. There was also a short wait for Mr. Leong as he was away taking pictures of the view at Singapore Flyer but once he appears at the table, we began to sing the “Happy Birthday” song. He did not know that the celebration was for him as it was a surprise and held earlier before his birthday. Yes, surprise was successful !

Mr. Leong smiling with his gelato “cake”.

His daughter, Ms. Leong, asked if he remembered to make a wish before he blew out the candles and to that, he replied, “I cannot tell you my wish, if not it might not come true”. So he must have made a wish and may his wishes come true.

The way Gelatissimo showcased their gelato was pretty peculiar, where you can see the whole Nutella bottle, unwrapped candy bars, huge apples and other fruits stacked on top of the gelato in their respective flavours’ trays. Unique, indeed.

This is the view from one part of the outlet where they have a selection of gelato flavours. There were more gelati available.

Some of you might be wondering, “What is gelato ? It looks like ice cream to me”. Gelato (plural : gelati) technically is Italian ice cream; whereby it is softer and smoother as compared to ice cream, with less fat contents and air contents. Less air contents means that you get more of the product in one scoop which translates to more flavour and value for money in that one scoop. The beauty of gelato is that good gelato is made out of natural ingredients with no artifical flavours, colouring and ingredients. At Gelatissimo, their gelato is made fresh everyday by their artisan gelato makers with the best, natural ingredients and they have won many awards, which can be seen from their website. 

Gelatissimo’s banner detailing the difference between gelato and ice cream. If you can manage to enlarge the picture, you can read all about it.

We wish Mr. Leong a happy birthday once again. May you have a long, prosperous and happy life. By the way, the date this article is published is also his actual birthday. Another one of our planned-impromptu action. If you happen to be in Singapore, you would want to try Gelatissimo’s many-flavoured gelati. List of flavours can be found in their website.

Singapore Flyer, 30 Raffles Avenue, #01-14, Singapore 039803. 
(opens on Sunday to Thursday, 11.30a.m. to 11p.m.; 
Friday & Saturday, 11.30a.m. to 12a.m.)