Decoration Gone Wrong

Decoration Gone Wrong

Myle Enterprise is an events business focusing on adult social events, which also provides emcee and blogging services. A major part of our event services is in the event organising side, which is planning, management and sourcing for vendors or venue but we also provide simple decorations.


Simple decorations are like cake cutting table set up, balloons, streamers and small decorative items like decorated candle holders. We do not provide lavish decorations like chandeliers or event equipments like LED screen, tables and chairs. We have vendors that we work with to provide that.


In the past, we have done simple decorations for some of our events. Our owner has personal experience working in a team to provide decoration for a ballroom event back in 1999 and moved on to supervising decoration set ups from there onwards. Our owner’s experience in event planning is more extensive where she has personal experience planning and being involved in private events for about 25 years, whereas her experience in dinners and public events is over 15 years.


During the first few events after our business set up, we provided simple decoration and venue set up along with our event planning service. There was one venue which had their VIP room totally empty apart from tables and chairs because their restaurant were newly renovated and they did not manage to set up their VIP room in time for the event. Our owner managed to set up curtains and decorations in the room on her own within 1.5 hours. The VIP room was not too big and could fit about 2 big round tables with walking space. Some of the decorations items were prepared before the set up. With events, the preparation for the decoration and set up of the venue can take time. Sourcing for decoration items and raw materials as well the preparation of the items will require a lot of time with also some driving around to find the materials or time to source online. If you have to flip a room from a lunch reception to a dinner reception, it requires the event team to work very fast as there is limited time. For events, time plays an important part especially during the event and it is crucial that you keep moving to get the event flowing.


We are going to touch on one event in the past which we organised and included simple decoration. We hired event crews and an event manager to let them handle the decoration, set up of the venue and provide event services. These event crews were part-timers but we chose and hired them because they have experience in events. There were others that applied for the position but we turned them down because they did not have events experience and since this event had a short time frame for us to prepare, we wanted people who have experience so there is less hand-holding required. We have worked before with the event manager and previously he could lead an events team well, which was why we paid him a higher wage as compared to the others who were event crews.


In fact, the event manager and event crews were paid higher wages as compared to the market value. We know the market rate because we keep ourselves updated with knowledge about events. Our owner herself sometimes volunteers for events or have previously worked for event jobs that is below her expertise just to get a feel of the events field at that moment. In the past, she has worked alongside with her event teams/volunteers for her events and even walked with them throughout the whole event when she could have just sat down comfortably at home and let them do all the work. We do not have such a big ego that we think working alongside our hired crews are such a no, no and we wanted to pay them a wage that was higher than the rest because we believe that employees should be paid well according to their experiences plus to appreciate their time. Unfortunately, we are wrong.


We met some of the most uncapable, disrespectful and terrible employees from this team. The manager who previously did well could not even deliver his responsibilities well. Of course there were other employees we have encountered in the past which made mistakes or were not too good in the past but we could still accept it as long as the event turned out fine. Some crews who were volunteers for our events and were not paid in monetary term but in kind performed even better than those who were paid, and paid well in this case. It is not like our owner cannot lead, which she has lead teams throughout her younger years especially for events and even achieved an award for the best society under her leadership in United Kingdom. It seems like it does not pay to be kind, generous or friendly to employees. Perhaps we should hold a whip and be real strict with them.


We will just give you an example of how screwed up this team was. Take a look at this picture of a ribbon curtain they made.



This is just one part of how they screwed up. We gave instruction to the event manager to source and purchase the raw materials for the event items and decorations. At the same time, we met one of the event crews and gave instructions to her to take some raw materials which we already had to the venue and we showed her the sample picture of a ribbon curtain. It was a ribbon curtain with ribbons neatly in a row and all the ribbons are of the same length, making the ribbon curtain end up in a straight line at the bottom. We also taught her how to make the ribbon curtain by stringing a ribbon we had over a string. We also gave her instruction on the colour arrangement and where it shall be hung up. She was to take these instructions and knowledge, then convey to the other team members. This leaves us with one more team member, which is another event crew and she was given the instruction to go to the venue and liaise with the venue’s manager for the set up of the tables and chairs at the venue. It was actually a very efficient way of letting the team do their job, with each member having something to deal with.


This team was already briefed the night before on what they were supposed to do and we even took a walk around the whole event venue to familiarise ourselves with the venue. We even detected some parts of the venue which needed cleaning or fixing before the event. These people even dare to lie and said that they did not know their job responsibilities when there was a problem. Why would we want to waste our time for the briefing and to allocate the job responsibilities, if they cannot get it into their thick head what they are supposed to do. We definitely do not want to work with unreliable and untrustworthy people.


They took about 4 hours to make this simple decoration and mind you, there were 3 of them. In these 4 hours, they kept messaging us to ask questions such as whether they can change the colours arrangements and many more questions. If it was a complicated event or decoration without prior instructions, we understand the need to clarify. This was a simple decoration. It was clearly stated to them that they were to create the first few ribbons and then snap a picture, send to us and if it looks fine, then they can carry on and finish up the ribbon curtain without needing to refer to us anymore. They cannot even understand and follow simple instructions. We do not like to micro-manage and we do not like people to micro-manage us as well. We are experts in events and we would actually prefer our customers to trust us to know what to do without needing to breathe down our necks with too many instructions. This is how we treat our employees as well – we give them freedom to work as long as they produce the results we want. This team might not be experts in decoration, which is why they were given a long period of time to set up the venue and also to be at the event to render their event services. They were paid for their time to be at the venue for set up before the event and of course they were paid for their time during the event. We even paid them allowances for their meals, which was definitely a sufficient amount to have a decent filling meal. The owner can set up this venue in a shorter time with better results than these team of 3 combined. This is why experience matters, our dear customers and why we are worth being paid for.


With these dim-wit employees’ constant messaging, they do not understand that they were intruding into our owner’s time. Due to the short period of event preparation prior to the event day, no designers were available to create the customised streamers for the customer. Our owner have to step in and create the personalised and customised streamers for the host of this event, who was our customer. It was really a rush and we could not string the streamers in time for the event and it needed to be done during the event, which the host was not happy about. The streamers were put up during the event because we want to deliver what we said we will do but it was put up late. We took responsibility for this and we did not charge our customer for the streamers. We do not simply blame other people, although our time was intruded unnecessarily and if it is our fault that we cannot deliver the streamers in time for the event, we admit it.  This is how we do our business – with accountability and responsibility. This is what we expect people who will be working with us to be as well, be it vendors, venues or crews. Once we are involved in an event or project together, we are working towards the same goal and we need to co-operate as a team even though we are from different businesses or companies. We are a single business entity on our own which we do not need to report to anyone because our owner is the sole register owner and we are not interested to have any partners in our business. However, when it comes to situations like these especially for events, it involves different businesses and companies coming together to make the event a success. An example of a very simple event, there’s the event organiser, the venue, the caterer, the waiters/servers and even the cleaner plays a part in the event. Once one party does not deliver or cause trouble, it affects the whole team.


As for this event, our owner went to the venue and saw many mistakes made by the team, which we quickly recitified as the host was already there with some guests. Some of the decorations were not even up and the layout was slightly different from what the team was told. They were sent the layout plan to follow which they failed miserably. Some of the mistakes they made were common sense such as removing tables and chairs that were not needed from the area. Common sense is not so common after all. We quickly rectified what needed to be fixed and get the event going. We are very disappointed with the event team especially the event manager who were specifically told to lead the team as part of his job responsibility. The customer was not happy and she did not want to pay the remaining amount she owed us leading to one long, unnecessary court case which the judge ruled in our favour and ordered the customer to pay up. She is a Penang politician, Pulau Tikus area. Talk about being irresponsible and not paying up. We dare to state this here for it was an open court case, so the public can attend and know. Besides, if she dare to do it, then why would she be worried to let anyone else know. Our owner has a law degree and a diploma in computer science, we are not uneducated, so do not bully us. For our part towards the customer, everything was done and delivered to her except for the streamers, which was late, so she did not have any substantial reason not to pay up. We rectified the mistakes made during the event as fast as we possibly could and we saw many happy, smiling faces of the guests at the event. No one died during the event and feedback from the guests were they enjoyed themselves, so this is already good enough for a birthday party.


Do not even get us started on how absurd the other members behave and how one of them did not even admit her mistake, then dare to argue with us. We had a meeting after the event with the team and  have no respect as well as to who hired her and went to claim her money from our customer for herself with the other crew, which in the end comes out from our business through the payment received from the customer. We deducted that amount the customer paid to the crews from the final payment. If the customer can pay the event crews, that means she thinks the event was alright, so why does she not pay our business? Illogical, isn’t it, unless she wants to skimp and run away from paying. She should not even intrude into our business matters. We do not think these crews and event manager deserved their pay because they caused more trouble than delivering what they were supposed to do. Nevertheless, they were paid. There were other parties involved such as the venue which provided food late with no staff stationed at the event area as promised and the other event vendor which arrived late from outstation which caused this trouble to us. When it came to trouble, they all disappeared and did not even bother to fight alongside ourselves to get what is owed (they only bothered about themselves) and stand up for what was right. We are angry and disappointed.


We need to protect our business; to protect Myle Enterprise. We grow colder, we grow meaner and we get better at becoming a boss where we must learn to be bossier. We do not see a difference between being a leader and being a boss. A boss needs to lead and a leader will need to be the boss, if not he/she will be walked all over. Kindness and being too nice does not pay when it comes to business, we have learnt. Not speaking from just this one experience but throughout the years. Our empathy has its limits. We are eliminating what we do not want and reducing as much of manpower as we can. We prefer not to handle any manpower unless it is necessary. While event planning is still our main expertise, we are now ready to go more into decoration as we can now do it with no extra manpower, or as little as possible. We are now selling our decoration in our online store at


The ribbon curtain, which should end at the same length at the edges.


Just to show you a sample of what we can do, this is a picture of what our owner can do on her own which she achieved within 1 hour of set up. Of course, we need to factor in the time taken to source and purchase the raw materials as well as the travelling time which took more than 1 hour to reach the venue.



Remembering A Pet On International Rabbit Day

Remembering A Pet On International Rabbit Day

International Rabbit Day took place on 23 September 2017 this year. Our owner used to have a rabbit in her family’s home, which was a large part of her life especially during the set up of this business. If you noticed from our social media profiles especially Facebook and Instagram, we have posts showing a toy rabbit called Carrots. Why the obsession with rabbits and why would we use rabbits to represent most of our posts ? Here is the reason why and we show you the excerpts from our owner’s writing in her blog.


“… there is a soft toy that I always post up pictures or videos of. It’s called Carrots. I know it’s just a soft toy and I’m not delusional to think it’s a real rabbit or representing anyone, but I treat it like a companion… it makes a good object for me to take picture or video of…


It all started with my time setting up my business. I always had a rabbit to accompany me then. I wouldn’t say it was the best time of my life with all rainbows and white picket fence kind of life. Having quit my job in a corporate environment and freelancing in creating gifts, it was a risky line not having a steady income back then. I didn’t feel it was risky back then because I had some savings from young and when I was working, I made it a habit to save up a portion of my income every month. Yes, I love money and I love to save since young.


Freelancing in gifts was something I needed to do to get my creativity back because I was so non-creative dealing with mainly documents during my work in the legal line. I also needed to try out and see if I can make it in business, so I freelanced in creating gifts before I officially registered my business in events. Events is my passion.


… it wasn’t an easy journey for me during my business set up, with uncertainty of income and also changes to my lifestyle. It also didn’t help that not everyone understands what I was going through and not everyone was supportive.


With all these changes, I had to find something to do apart from just business. I found the pleasure in playing with the pet rabbit that used to be in my place, which was called Happy (later on they started calling her Baby). I called her Cutie Pie…


Having a pet like Cutie Pie actually gave me someone or something to care for and love when you can’t find yourself loving anyone. Being single (even though I always say I’m married to my business) and it’s not all the time that your family member or friends are with you; having a pet helps to let you give your love to someone. When you are in business or you are an entrepreneur, not everyone is always supportive of what you do but you stick to your own decision because you believe it is correct for you. Having a pet helps to release my stress because I can find a place to pour my feelings out. I can talk to my pet and even though it cannot answer, at least I can express myself. Sometimes we need to just let our feelings and thoughts out to feel better.


Having a pet also let me take my mind off my business for a while when I play with. My mind is always on my business 24/7 especially during the beginning of the business set up and sometimes it can overheat. When I play with Cutie Pie, my mood gets uplifted and I can then return to my work happy. I can see solutions at a new perspective and with better mood, I can communicate with people on a better level.


When I take care of Cutie Pie, like bathe her, it brings out my sense of responsibility. This is good for nurturing responsibility, which is important if you want to own a business. I don’t believe in running a business without responsibility because without the sense of responsibility, you cannot grow a business. You’ll just leave it halfway especially when the going gets tough. Running a business is not easy and sometimes it is very tough but you just keep on going. If it’s what you want, then go after it regardless of what people tell you. Of course, don’t just go after something for the sake of going after it. Do it if it’s worth it and after you have weigh the pros and cons. Business is not about taking blind risk. It’s about talking calculated risk. There’s a saying “tough times don’t last but tough people do”.


Having a pet is like having a business, you don’t just play with it and let it go. You need to take care of it, nurture it, feed it, groom it, play with it and it will bring you lasting joy.


Cutie Pie is no longer with us now as she was suffering from a tumour in one of her legs and she was euthanized. She will always be loved by my family. I will always remember the memories with her and how she has made me so happy when I was going through such a tough time in my life with so many changes. People and animals will come and go, as they will die one day, we have to come to accept that but Cutie Pie will live on in our memories. I now have Carrots to bring around with me. I know it’s a soft toy, I say again, and I can get used to not having it with me at all, but it’s a companion, nonetheless.”


So, that is the story behind why there are rabbits representation seen in our pictures and posts. Please note that Carrots is not a creation of Myle Enterprise and it’s actually from a toy brand. It was given to our owner by a close expatriate friend of hers a few years back. There are benefits in having a pet, so if you are able to keep a pet, you can get a pet (ensure it is from a responsible breeder) or adopt one from the shelter. The strays could do well with some of your love.





When you run your business, you will definitely need to work with other people at some point of your work. Those people might not be those you hire or from the same company as you and it can be those who are working with you to achieve something. It could be to finish a project or to complete a business service you are providing. Basically you are working towards a certain goal together. Teamwork is very important then.


Even if you run as a one-man show in your company, you need to have the skill of a good team player. Do you realise that the person hiring you for your business service or paying for your product, meaning your customer, is actually one of your team members ? Think about it. You are both working towards the same goal – if it is service you are providing, you are both going towards the goal of having the service carried out or if it is a product, you are both going towards the goal of having the product sold. On your part of a business owner, you would want to provide the best service possible to your customer and your customer wants to receive the service they paid you for.


Let us take for example, your customer is hiring you to plan an event for them. Your customer tells you that she wants purple flowers and purple balloons as part of the decoration, performance of live band and emcee, as well as the activity of musical chairs. So, as a business owner, you set out to source and provide these services. There is no point of you getting red balloons and no purple balloons for the decoration, right ? That is not what your customer requested. Unless there are no purple balloons in your inventory and you cannot find any purple balloons supply anywhere before the event, then you might need to resort to the red balloons but you would let your customer know beforehand and ask if she is fine with red balloons instead. If she is fine with it, then she will leave you to carry on with your event planning for her event. Then on the day of the event, your customer will want to appear at her event as the gracious host and have her event running as she requested. There is also no point for the customer to purposely tell you she wants purple flowers and then half an hour before the event, tell you she wants white flowers in the flowers just because she wants to change her mind, right ? Customer is always right, they say but there is no point being a pain in the neck kind of customer unless the service provider was really terrible, then you can let them have a piece of your mind but no need for unnecessary problem causing. The decoration would have already been up before that last half an hour before the event and there is a possibility that there are no white flowers supply at that time as well. Even if there are white flowers available, the supplier will need to take down the decoration to put the white flowers in and take out the purple flowers, which will take time and your guests might arrive with the decoration still being put up. No point stressing up the event planner and also stressing yourself up. You see, the end goal here is to have the event planned and running. The business owner gets to provide his/her service and the customer gets her event. It can be seen as a team work because you would both want the event to be running and as smoothly as possible.


Then there is the case of being a team player with team members not from your company and they are also not your customers for example other suppliers/vendors which your customer has has hired to work with on a project. You will need to have teamwork skills to work together and finish the project. Needless to say, if you are from the same company and even more in the same department at your work, then you need to work with your colleagues to ensure that all your department’s work are carried out. We know of people who are hard to work with and just cannot get along with others. Those people should reflect on themselves. Being rebellious without a cause gets you nowhere and we ask, what is the point of purposely not doing something to the detriment of yourself and others ? Very silly.


We have met some smart people and especially smart business people who knows the benefit of being a team player. One example is when we post up blog posts that talk about them and it highlights their services, products or about them, they will share it on their website or social media. Some will need to be asked while we have seen those really smart ones where we do not even need to ask to share the blog post which actually has contents about them and they automatically post it on their sites. It is actually advertisement and readily created post about them, which they can easily post up on their site. If only we have more smart people in this world. Then there are those who actually do not want to post up when the content is something good about them or their company. Then too bad for them if they do not realise the benefit, for the contents we create in our blog post does not benefit us much if it is unpaid posts and actually shows about other people or companies. It actually benefits the person/company being written about and also benefits the viewers reading the blog posts where they can gain some knowledge or so. We would understand if it is not a good review about them or their company and they do not want to share the blog post in their sites but if it is talking about their product/services and especially something good, then no reason why not to share in their sites. It is not like sharing the blog post literally means they have to share part of their money that they make, it is just posting the already created blog post in their sites. We met some who promised to share it in their sites but after that do no keep their words. Some are just employees of companies and they probably cannot be bothered. If their bosses know about it, their bosses would be thinking why they hired such dim wits. We definitely do not want to deal with people who do not keep their words and it is unfortunate for companies that hired such employees for we have hired such employees before and we definitely do not fancy those. We can talk more about such terrible employees in another blog post if we choose to touch about that subject next time.


For now, to finish off this post, we stress on the importance of being a good team player. Of course this applies to cases where you are actually in a team and are going towards achieving an objective or a goal. It is not like you need to listen to everyone on a daily basis especially if they are not a paying customer. There is also no point to purposely not do something just because you want to be rebellious and then let it cause you loss. If you see that you are in a team, then do be a good team player. If you are interested to enhance your team’s teamwork skills, we do provide team building events services and planning.