Remembering A Pet On International Rabbit Day

Remembering A Pet On International Rabbit Day

International Rabbit Day took place on 23 September 2017 this year. Our owner used to have a rabbit in her family’s home, which was a large part of her life especially during the set up of this business. If you noticed from our social media profiles especially Facebook and Instagram, we have posts showing a toy rabbit called Carrots. Why the obsession with rabbits and why would we use rabbits to represent most of our posts ? Here is the reason why and we show you the excerpts from our owner’s writing in her blog.


“… there is a soft toy that I always post up pictures or videos of. It’s called Carrots. I know it’s just a soft toy and I’m not delusional to think it’s a real rabbit or representing anyone, but I treat it like a companion… it makes a good object for me to take picture or video of…


It all started with my time setting up my business. I always had a rabbit to accompany me then. I wouldn’t say it was the best time of my life with all rainbows and white picket fence kind of life. Having quit my job in a corporate environment and freelancing in creating gifts, it was a risky line not having a steady income back then. I didn’t feel it was risky back then because I had some savings from young and when I was working, I made it a habit to save up a portion of my income every month. Yes, I love money and I love to save since young.


Freelancing in gifts was something I needed to do to get my creativity back because I was so non-creative dealing with mainly documents during my work in the legal line. I also needed to try out and see if I can make it in business, so I freelanced in creating gifts before I officially registered my business in events. Events is my passion.


… it wasn’t an easy journey for me during my business set up, with uncertainty of income and also changes to my lifestyle. It also didn’t help that not everyone understands what I was going through and not everyone was supportive.


With all these changes, I had to find something to do apart from just business. I found the pleasure in playing with the pet rabbit that used to be in my place, which was called Happy (later on they started calling her Baby). I called her Cutie Pie…


Having a pet like Cutie Pie actually gave me someone or something to care for and love when you can’t find yourself loving anyone. Being single (even though I always say I’m married to my business) and it’s not all the time that your family member or friends are with you; having a pet helps to let you give your love to someone. When you are in business or you are an entrepreneur, not everyone is always supportive of what you do but you stick to your own decision because you believe it is correct for you. Having a pet helps to release my stress because I can find a place to pour my feelings out. I can talk to my pet and even though it cannot answer, at least I can express myself. Sometimes we need to just let our feelings and thoughts out to feel better.


Having a pet also let me take my mind off my business for a while when I play with. My mind is always on my business 24/7 especially during the beginning of the business set up and sometimes it can overheat. When I play with Cutie Pie, my mood gets uplifted and I can then return to my work happy. I can see solutions at a new perspective and with better mood, I can communicate with people on a better level.


When I take care of Cutie Pie, like bathe her, it brings out my sense of responsibility. This is good for nurturing responsibility, which is important if you want to own a business. I don’t believe in running a business without responsibility because without the sense of responsibility, you cannot grow a business. You’ll just leave it halfway especially when the going gets tough. Running a business is not easy and sometimes it is very tough but you just keep on going. If it’s what you want, then go after it regardless of what people tell you. Of course, don’t just go after something for the sake of going after it. Do it if it’s worth it and after you have weigh the pros and cons. Business is not about taking blind risk. It’s about talking calculated risk. There’s a saying “tough times don’t last but tough people do”.


Having a pet is like having a business, you don’t just play with it and let it go. You need to take care of it, nurture it, feed it, groom it, play with it and it will bring you lasting joy.


Cutie Pie is no longer with us now as she was suffering from a tumour in one of her legs and she was euthanized. She will always be loved by my family. I will always remember the memories with her and how she has made me so happy when I was going through such a tough time in my life with so many changes. People and animals will come and go, as they will die one day, we have to come to accept that but Cutie Pie will live on in our memories. I now have Carrots to bring around with me. I know it’s a soft toy, I say again, and I can get used to not having it with me at all, but it’s a companion, nonetheless.”


So, that is the story behind why there are rabbits representation seen in our pictures and posts. Please note that Carrots is not a creation of Myle Enterprise and it’s actually from a toy brand. It was given to our owner by a close expatriate friend of hers a few years back. There are benefits in having a pet, so if you are able to keep a pet, you can get a pet (ensure it is from a responsible breeder) or adopt one from the shelter. The strays could do well with some of your love.



Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day has just passed last Sunday on 18 June 2017. In our previous post entitled “Father’s Day Around The World“, we wrote about Father’s Day celebration which is celebrated around the world. Some countries have yet to celebrate Father’s Day as this special day falls on a different date.


So, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day and we leave you here with a video. In case the video does not load below, here is the link :