Madam Wong’s 70th Birthday

Recently, one of our customer, Madam Wong, celebrated her 70th birthday. We planned a dinner for her birthday which was on her actual birthday night.


Here is the video we created with the compilation of all the videos and pictures taken during her celebrations. She is very lucky to have not just one celebration but more than that. She also had the pleasure of her relatives coming from China to visit her in Penang, Malaysia so there were more feasting throughout her birthday week. They were not told that it was her birthday, though. Watch the video to know more.


Thank you, Madam Wong for being our customer and supporter since the beginning of Myle Enterprise’s time. Wishing you prosperity, longevity, continued happiness and good health always.


Happy birthday to you, Madam Wong.

Dinner Gathering For Locals And Overseas Guests At The Six Cantonese Restaurant

Dinner Gathering For Locals And Overseas Guests At The Six Cantonese Restaurant

Last week, we arranged dinner gatherings for some locals with their visitors from China that came to Penang, Malaysia. One of the dinner gatherings were held at The Six Cantonese Restaurant (Queensbay Mall branch). They were previously known as Xuan Xin Restaurant.


View inside the restaurant.


They have a full-length glass window view where you can enjoy the view outside. Some seats will let you see a bit of the sea view.


One of the seating area inside the restaurant.


They have different types of seats and tables available at the restaurant. They have the roundish sofa covered seats with round tables, to the elegant high back dining chair with square tables.


This restaurant also has two private dining areas. They have curtains for you to draw if you prefer to have a private dining session. Their menu was also nicely presented in a professional menu cover.


The staff at the restaurant set the tables nicely for us. When we arrived at the restaurant, the table at the private dining area were initially slightly unclean despite neatly arranged. It might be due to the area being left untouched for a while but once it was highlighted to the staff of the restaurant, they changed everything and cleaned the area. It was done quickly. They even rearranged the tables and chairs to comfortably accommodate the guests that will be having dinner that night. We appreciate this high level of service and it would be great for event organisers like us to work with restaurants that have professional services like this.


The table seating arrangement for the dinner gathering.


The guests arrived and were shown to the private dining area. Those who carried bags were even given a basket-like holder to place their bags in so that they can dine comfortably. They do not need to place their bags on their chair or lap and no need to worry about their bags falling off their lap while they eat. After that, the guests were introduced to the menu and they chose their food. Food order were placed and they chat for a while. The ordered beverages were served and it was not long before the food arrived.

Halfway through the dinner, Jason Chuah, Marketing Manager of The Six Group of Restaurants came to meet and speak to the guests. The Six Group of Restaurants owns this branch of The Six Cantonese Restaurant along with other branches of restaurants called The Six Premium Cantonese, The Six Hunan Ramen, The Six Ramen Kitchen, The Six Cantonese Kitchen and another The Six Cantonese Restaurant situated in another mall.


A group picture of the local and overseas guests during dinner with The Six Cantonese Restaurant’s Marketing Manager, Jason Chuah (standing on the left in the picture).


The guests dined and conversed with each other a bit more then left to visit some shops at the mall. Jason Chuah, the Marketing Manager of The Six Group of Restaurants came to bid them farewell. Talk about good service. They decided to take a group picture once again at the entrance of the restaurant.


A group picture at the entrance of the restaurant.


We enjoyed the hospitality provided by The Six Cantonese Restaurant and thank you for the good food served during dinner. We hope the guests enjoyed their dinner gathering that night with all the special arrangements made for them.


2F-02 Queensbay Mall,
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Penang, Malaysia.