Handmade Hairband Advertisement

Handmade Hairband Advertisement

One of our latest product in our online shop is our handmade hairband. We can customize hairband, headgear and party hats according to your event or party theme. They can be worn for celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, bridesmaid shower or any other celebrations as well as for performances.


An example would be if you are holding a Christmas party and your theme is Christmas Bells. We can make Santa hats with golden bells in accordance to your theme. You can place an order for the number of guests at your event and we will also need to take into account the number of days for us to make the headgears. Some of our products are fully handmade while some are assembled and customised with raw materials purchased, according to our design.


We have a video of our handmade hairband in this post, which is our Bear Ear Hairband. The hairband is made using a normal hairband we purchased, which is then concealed inside felt fabric which we shaped according to our original design. There are many fancy hairbands sold commercially in the mass market, especially with the recent Halloween celebration. However, our hairband is customised according to what you want, so it is special and a bespoke version.


Here is the video : https://youtu.be/gEvdyC2nKoc

It contains suspense and horror genre, in line with the recent Halloween celebration. Nothing too scary, do not worry. Please take a look at the video to find out more. We hope you had a fun Halloween celebration for those who celebrated.


Sacoor Brothers At Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017

Sacoor Brothers At Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017

On 7 April 2017, Gurney Plaza held their opening night of the Fashion Showcase which took place from 7 to 9 April 2017. This Fashion Showcase was for their Fashion Month 2017 which will last their whole month of April 2017. Sacoor Brothers proudly held their Fashion Show during the opening night, with their show being the one and only catwalk for the night.


The event saw many well-known faces in the fashion industry in Penang, Malaysia. Those seen at this event were the personnels of Sacoor Brothers, the management of the mall who are no stranger to the fashion world as they deal with many tenants involved in the fashion industry, designers, celebrities, owners of modelling agencies, models and of course, there are the event related personnels for example photographers who have extensive portfolios which includes fashion shoots. Fans of fashion came to view this event.


We are honoured to be invited by Sacoor Brothers and also the management of Gurney Plaza Mall to attend their opening night of their Fashion Month. The mall’s concourse area or Central Atrium, as they call it, was set up for the fashion show. Gurney Plaza take pride in calling themselves the “Premier Lifestyle Mall”.


The event began with the registration of guests. The management team of the mall as well as the management team of Sacoor Brothers were seen greeting their VIPs and guests for the night.


Gurney Plaza Central Atrium Fashion Month opening night
The event area at Gurney Plaza’s Central Atrium.


The guests were ushered into the cordoned-off Central Atrium and seated on the ground floor of the mall.


Guests at this event.


Guest at this event.


Guest at this event.


Announcements were made to signal that the fashion show was about to begin. Then, celebrity emcee, Nadia Heng, came on stage to welcome the guests to this fashionable event. She was looking elegantly professional, wearing a Sacoor Brother’s blue dress. If you want a glimpse of her in that dress, check out our video at the end of this blog.


After that, the fashion show began. Sacoor Brothers showcased their latest collection at the fashion show which opens the Fashion Month 2017 for Gurney Plaza. Let the catwalk begin.


One of the looks from the Sacoor Brothers collection 2017.


The Sacoor Brothers Fashion Show during Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017.


The Sacoor Brothers Fashion Show during Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017.


VIPs and guests concentrating on the Sacoor Brothers Fashion Show during Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017.


The emcee, Nadia, came on stage again after the fashion show and told the guests that it was time for a lucky draw session. Gurney Plaza‘s Centre Manager came on stage to give out the prizes to the lucky winners.


After that, it was the end of the opening show for the Fashion Month. VIPs and guests were then invited to Sacoor Brother’s store at Gurney Plaza for an after-party with refreshments. Guests made their way to the store.


At Sacoor Brothers’ store, displays of clothes, shoes and accessories with a hanging chandelier in the store greeted the VIPs and guests. Guests were seen chatting with each other while admiring the latest collection from Sacoor Brothers. Some were browsing through the displays and busy picking out clothes to buy. The team at Sacoor Brothers were professionally attending to the guests’ requests as well as ensuring the store were neatly kept.


Champagne flutes with bubblies in it were carried around to be served to the VIPs and guests. There were choices of red wine and non-alcoholic beverages served as well. The guests mingled around and by about 9pm, most guests have left. The evening has been wonderful and guests left on a cheerful note.


Guests from the management of Gurney Plaza and CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust attending the after-party at Sacoor Brothers.


A group picture of the team from Sacoor Brothers after the after-party at Sacoor Brothers.


A closer view of the group picture of the team from Sacoor Brothers after the after-party at Sacoor Brothers.


We leave you now with a video taken during the opening night of the Fashion Redefined @ Gurney Plaza, showcasing Sacoor Brother’s Fashion Show and the after-party at their store. In case the video does not load below, this is the link to the video : https://youtu.be/51Gb-sNguhs.



Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017 lasts the whole month of April 2017 and there will be great deals as well as discounts throughout the mall. Do drop by Sacoor Brothers while you are there and fall in love with their latest collection, then take home a piece or two for yourself.

Packing Tips To Go Overseas – For Ladies

Packing Tips To Go Overseas – For Ladies

People like to travel all over the world for leisure, work or business. If you are travelling overseas for an event and you will be mainly decked in suits aside from jeans during your time off from the event, we have a tip for the ladies. Pack a dress as well just in case you need to change your outfit to attend a last minute cocktail reception or dinner at a fancy restaurant.


A dress which is suitable for formal or semi-formal occasions would be good. A little black dress always does the trick.


This little black dress is suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions.


What would be even better is if the dress is made out of a material which is always wrinkle-free or already has creases on it and additional creases will not make it look awful. You do not have to worry about ironing your dress especially if you are travelling and do not have the time to iron it or there is no need to request for the laundry team at your hotel to iron it for you.


You can always roll the dress into a small piece and then put it into a small paper bag to be inserted into your handbag. It might not fit into small handbags but an over-sized carryall tote would be able to keep your dress in it. Besides, an over-sized carryall tote is a popular item for travellers. Anytime you need to change your attire to a dress, voila, you have one ready in your bag. You do not need to travel back to your hotel to change and this saves time aside from the hassle to find transportation back to your hotel.


The dress seen in the previous picture, which is rolled up. It is not much bigger than the size of a map (placed below the dress).
Have a nice time packing and a great time travelling when you get the chance to.