Halloween Game For Team Building

Halloween Game For Team Building

Halloween is coming soon and it falls on the 31st of October every year. We previously organised a Halloween-themed team building for one of the multi-national corporations from U.S.A. that has a branch in Penang, Malaysia.


One of the activities for the team building included a Halloween costume-making game. Participants were divided into groups of 4. They were then given materials such as cloth, glass papers, newspapers, strings, marker pens and face paint to work with. The participants were to create a Halloween costume within a given time frame.



This costume is to be worn by one of the participants and to be showcased during a catwalk session which took place after the costume making session.



The participants in each group have to discuss and make the costume together. This enhances their co-operation skills and team spirit. Talk about spirit during Halloween but this team spirit is good for team building.



The colours of the materials varied for each group. The materials were packed into different bags, which the groups then drew lots to see which bag they would get. The groups were also given a chance to send one of their participants to negotiate with any another groups to exchange materials.



The participants were given time to practise their walk after the costume making session. They were to create a walk that would depict their costume well and to walk the catwalk individually.




After that, the participants walked another round of catwalk with their group members. The group with the most creative walk will be given higher marks.




The group that won this game was the group with the highest mark in total for the costume, the catwalk and the overall group co-operation.


The participants had a lot of fun and were seen laughing throughout the sessions. This was just one of the games held during the team building session that day. We conducted other activities and games during that event. If you are interested to hold your team building event, please do not hesitate to contact us to organise for you. We can also conduct games for your events, which can be an activity for your event which can be other types of events apart from team building events. It can make your event more interesting, fun and let your participants have a good time.


Our First Video Advertisement And Video Advertising Tips

We see so many videos on our social media platforms’ news feed nowadays. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with too many videos popping up on our screen that we just click the skip or close button even before the video loads. If you are using social media platforms like YouTube, sometimes they will show a short preview of a few seconds before the skip button is available. At times the skip button does not exist and we have no choice but to watch the video.


If you own a business, you would have heard of using video campaigns to advertise your business. So, how do you keep them watching the video preview and not press the skip button ?


According to a research and article on a Google website called “Think With Google”, a 30-second advertisement would fare better than a 15-second advertisement of the same brand. The 30-second advertisement would see a higher view-through rate as compared to the 15-second advertisement. A 2-minute advertisement was also seen to have a higher view-through rate as compared to the 15-second advertisement.


This is surprising because people nowadays have short attention span and if we cannot tolerate a 15-second video, how can we prefer to instead sit through 2 minutes of advertisement by the same brand? Apparently, shorter advertisements can raise awareness about a brand but longer formats can “persuade people to change how they think” according to this article.


The video would need to capture the audience with their storyline and yet be able to get their message through to them on their brand. If you have a good storyline, you can reach out to your audience and tell them the story which you have chosen to show what your brand is about. Some brands may have good script writers and some brands may choose to advocate a strong message for a cause they support. We have seen some serious, high end brands which would normally go for sophistication, infusing humour into their advertisements and some brands are just serious about creating humour in all their advertisements.


Talking about advertisements, Myle Enterprise have never created a video advertisement for ourselves. We have a number of videos we have created for our events and blogs but not a particular video ad about our brand. As our core business is in events, we usually create awareness and advertisement for ourselves by creating events. Our anniversary is coming up very soon this month and so we decided that we will have our very first ad. It is our fourth year of being established this year, so we must have our own video ad !


We tried our hands in the 30-second video ad as our intention is to create brand awareness. Honestly, we have so compiled so many marketing materials of pictures and videos throughout these few years and we have a hard time choosing only a handful to fit into the 30-second ad. We are so grateful for all the materials compiled but we have to pick the ones that would portray our brand well and what we do.


A short 30-second ad took us a while to create and we have to keep editing to keep it 30 seconds short. We can imagine trying to create a 15-second ad – with the limitation to the contents due to the short time and having to make the impact in such short timing, we respect those who did it. However, as research shows, the view-through rate is not good for that type of ad, so the 30-second ad is perfect for us now.


So, here is our first version of our 30-second ad. Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, our very first video ad for Myle Enterprise. In case the video does not appear below, here is the link to our video ad : https://youtu.be/QJwqDwlPRi0


Checklist On The Day Of The Event : Indoor Corporate Event

When you hold your event, you will have a lot on your hands to handle from planning leading up to the day of the event. Of course you can make your life easier by hiring an event planner to handle the planning and an event manager or event co-ordinator to handle matters on the day of the event. You can then graciously walk into your event as the host and interact with your guests, knowing all the planning is taken care of.

If you really need to handle the planning and management of the event on the day of the event though, here is the checklist to ensure you have everything sorted for your event on the day of the event itself. This checklist is suitable for a corporate type of event, at an indoor venue where tables, chairs and food are available at their venue (for example hotels).


  1. Ensure that the venue is open and available hours before the event for your event contractors and suppliers to deliver items or carry out their work. Some items like audio visual equipments (lighting, sound system, projector and screen), decoration and stage can be delivered and set up one day in advanced. Some venues will charge for the extra days these items are placed at their venue, so you will need to take into account for your budgeting.
  2. At your registration table, it would be helpful if you have your guest list and display of table plans so that your guests know where they will be seated, if it is arranged seating. If you are giving door gifts away, you can place the door gifts at the registration table.
  3. Check that the decorations are set up the way you want it.
  4. Check that the tables and chairs are set out and arranged according to your layout plan.
  5. Check the stage area to ensure stage, lightings, sound equipments and microphones are set up. Test the equipments to see if they are working properly before the event begins.
  6. If you are using projector and screens during your event, check that they are working properly before the event begins.
  7. Confirm that all the performers are attending. Some performers will go to the venue earlier to rehearse, so you would need to see to it that they have access to the venue. When the event begins, check that all performers are on standby for their performance.
  8. If you are having a buffet, check that the food are delivered to the event area and displayed with food tags so that your guests know what is being served. If it is course meals, the servers, waiters or waitresses at the venue will serve accordingly, so you can liaise with the food and beverage director or manager if you need any special arrangements.
  9. At the end of the event, check that all you and your guests have all your belongings and do not leave it at the venue. Usually the employees at the venue as well as the event contractors or suppliers will handle the tear down and clearing of the event area.


We hope you found this checklist useful for you. Have a good time planning your event and if you are overwhelmed, do not hesitate to reach out and hire an event planner. It is worth it to leave the planning to an event planner, so you can enjoy your event as the host and more so if you have the budget, why not just let the experts handle it.