PME – June 2017 Giveaway Ended and Happy New Year 2018

PME – June 2017 Giveaway Ended and Happy New Year 2018

This is our last post for the year. It is the last week of 2017 and a whole new year will be coming in just a few days’ time. Previously we announced our Present Me Event – June 2017 Giveaway (PME – June 2017) back in June which we wrote about here, in a reminder blog post and also another blog post here. We were giving away 1 x complimentary event service. It can be either event service, emcee or blogging service which are services that our business at Myle Enterprise is offering.


This event has been running for some time because we were looking for a suitable winner to give this prize to. So, after so many months, we actually realized that we have been indeed giving away a lot of complimentary services throughout these 6 months. Ironically while looking for the right winner, it has turned out to be many winners that have been receiving our complimentary event services throughout this time.


They have been gaining from our event services such as event advices which are considered as consultations, to our event decoration, decoration items, and also our emcee service. It seems that giving is part of our business but we always stress this : as much as we can give, money is also important. We hope that those who have received will appreciate what they gained and will also give back somehow or other.


We have done our part of giving this year and benefitted quite a few, so it is time to focus on making money now. We need to sustain ourselves, you know. We are sure no one wants to remain with what amount of money they have and will always aim to get better in life from the point of monetary terms and also other aspects in life. Money cannot make you happy, they say but we choose to disagree. With money, you can choose a better lifestyle and you can also have the choice to give more, which can make you feel happier.


Here are some pictures that we have which are regarding the event services, emcee and blogging service that we have given away. We cannot post up every single details and pictures of the complimentary event services we have done as some are on consultation basis and some we choose to keep private.


A table decoration we set up for a private birthday celebration of a lady.


Balloon decoration in flower shape which we created for a private birthday party.


Our centrepiece decoration item displayed at a product display table for an event.


We are sponsoring our emcee services for Exabytes’ MWA 2017’s Award Night taking place on 27 January 2018 in Puchong.


For this sponsorship of emcee for Exabyte’s MWA 2017 Award Night event, even though it is not just a complimentary event service but rather a sponsorship, where there are work put in by both parties (Exabytes’ and Myle Enterprise) to make this sponsorship a success and both parties are benefitting. Sponsorship should benefit not only the party that is receiving the sponsorship but also the party that is sponsoring and ideally both parties have a mutual understanding to put in effort to make the sponsorship turn out as best as possible. In fact, Exabytes are the sponsors for our web hosting of this website. To finish this PME – June 2017 off, we are giving one more complimentary service which is to promote Exabytes’ MWA 2017 Award Night event here. So, Exabytes Group of Companies, you are receiving a complimentary promotion in our blog post for your MWA 2017 Award Night. Here are the details of this event :


27 January 2018 (Saturday)


Ceremony starts at 7.00pm.
(Cocktail Party & Registration: 6:00pm – 7:00pm)


CO3 Social Office @ Puchong
2-3, Jalan Merbah 1
Bandar Puchong Jaya
Puchong, Selangor 47170


Attire: Smart Casual

Dinner and evening snacks (halal) will be provided.

For more information, please visit


With this, we end our PME – June 2017 and this event is officially closed. Stay tuned for our next PME.



We are actually in the running for MWA 2017’s Site Of The Month of December’s award, so we would really appreciate it if you can help us to vote for our website. We have been working hard to give you many blog posts which has useful knowledge. From the time we set up the blog and website, we have been giving you, our dear viewers, many tips and information where you get to gain knowledge and learn. As for those who were featured in our website and blogs, you have gained the value of advertisement and marketing, so we hope our dear customers have benefitted from this and will look into taking more of our event services. Your vote will mean a lot to us. We hope the recognition and acknowledgement we gain from the award will help to let more people know about our website which has been giving so much of valuable information and promotion. Sometimes we do not gain much and there is no monetary term that we receive from giving these out. We really hope that you can vote for us and also look into taking our services so that we can continue giving to you and also to others.


The link to vote for our website is at :

Our owner’s personal website is also in the running for the MWA 2017 Award in the personal category, so please vote for the website as well :


Thank you in advanced.


We wish you a Happy New Year and welcome 2018 with great aspirations.


Promoting Present Me Event – June 2017 Giveaway

Promoting Present Me Event – June 2017 Giveaway

We are holding our Present Me Event (PME) giveaway again and this time, we are giving away an event service to a lucky winner. The giveaway runs from 29 June 2017 until 13 July 2017 or until we find a suitable winner for this giveaway, hopefully by the end of July 2017. The winner will be picked. The winner’s event which we will be rendering our event services can happen later after that and not necessarily within July 2017. We actually want to set the event to run for a month, until 28 July 2017 but Facebook’s event page has a limitation of allowing an event to run up to only 2 weeks. Previously there was no limitation as to the duration of the event length of time but we noticed it has changed a while ago.


Our first PME was Present Me Event – December 2016 Giveaway back in December 2016, which we wrote a blog post about it. This time, our PME is called Present Me Event – June 2017 Giveaway. This is the link to our Facebook event page : Here are the details on what this giveaway is about.


We are holding our Present Me Event giveaway again. This time we are giving away our event service. Our event services includes event planning, event maangement, event co-ordination and emceeing. For a full list of what services we offer, please view it in our website by clicking on this link :


Please note that our event service giveaway DOES NOT include items and materials for the event and also does not include additional manpower, supplier or crew. The service itself costs us time, energy and resources to carry out which is equivalent to money. There are many times that people forget that service costs money. Service could be in the form of management, consultancy and basically work that is carried out in action form. Take for example if you need us to source for event contractors or performers for your event. The action of us looking for these people will involve us looking up our contacts in our database or searching for new ones, then we will contact them to find out about their packages, pricing and availability. After that we need to get back to you and if there’s a need, to set up a review of their services or meeting between both parties. Then on the event day to ensure they are there to carry out their job. Thereafter, request for payments and make necessary payments. All these require time and energy, which in business, equals to money. We also have bills to pay like telephone bills (contacting people also requires calling or texting people, you know) and if you have to drive to the event venue to meet, then it requires transportation fees and all (you can try to walk but not all events are set within walking distance). If you have a place you’re renting for business and people hired in your team, then you have even more costs to factor in for your business. These are the parts people don’t see in a business and they sometimes take for granted that services should be free. In actual fact, everything costs in a business.


So, we are giving you the chance to claim this free event service giveaway we are doing for this round. If there are more than 1 participant, we will choose a lucky winner for this giveaway.



  • This giveaway is open to only those 21 years old and above.
  • You must be subscribed to our updates or you are already in our database.
  • The event service we are giving away is applicable to adult social events. Adult social events does not mean those with adult pornography elements (we have been questioned before a few times on this) but it just basically means that the event allows adults to socialise with each other.
  • The giveaway does not include items, materials and additional manpower like suppliers/contractors/crews.
  • The giveaway is applicable only in Penang island. If it’s out of Penang island, transportation charges will apply.
  • We will carry out a discussion with you prior to confirming the type of event service we will be giving to you for this giveaway. As the giveaway is 1 x Event Service, if you require more than 1 type of service, it can incur charges. We will be upfront with you on this and prefer to have everything set out clearly before we begin the event service. We would like to provide the best service possible and avoid any miscommunication, so we believe that communication is vital between all parties involved.
  • You agree to be featured in all our promotion and marketing materials, which might include the photography and filming of your event (or part of it).


So, do not miss out on the opportunity to let an experienced planner handle your event or part of it and on a complimentary basis. If you know of someone who is having an event in the coming weeks or months and you think they might need some help, you can always get them to subscribe to our list and join this event. Hosting an event is not easy and you would not want them to be too stressed out, isn’t it ? Make full use of this offer while it last.



Sacoor Brothers At Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017

Sacoor Brothers At Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017

On 7 April 2017, Gurney Plaza held their opening night of the Fashion Showcase which took place from 7 to 9 April 2017. This Fashion Showcase was for their Fashion Month 2017 which will last their whole month of April 2017. Sacoor Brothers proudly held their Fashion Show during the opening night, with their show being the one and only catwalk for the night.


The event saw many well-known faces in the fashion industry in Penang, Malaysia. Those seen at this event were the personnels of Sacoor Brothers, the management of the mall who are no stranger to the fashion world as they deal with many tenants involved in the fashion industry, designers, celebrities, owners of modelling agencies, models and of course, there are the event related personnels for example photographers who have extensive portfolios which includes fashion shoots. Fans of fashion came to view this event.


We are honoured to be invited by Sacoor Brothers and also the management of Gurney Plaza Mall to attend their opening night of their Fashion Month. The mall’s concourse area or Central Atrium, as they call it, was set up for the fashion show. Gurney Plaza take pride in calling themselves the “Premier Lifestyle Mall”.


The event began with the registration of guests. The management team of the mall as well as the management team of Sacoor Brothers were seen greeting their VIPs and guests for the night.


The event area at Central Atrium.


The guests were ushered into the cordoned-off Central Atrium and seated on the ground floor of the mall.


Guests at this event.


Guest at this event.


Guest at this event.


Announcements were made to signal that the fashion show was about to begin. Then, celebrity emcee, Nadia Heng, came on stage to welcome the guests to this fashionable event. She was looking elegantly professional, wearing a Sacoor Brother’s blue dress. If you want a glimpse of her in that dress, check out our video at the end of this blog.


After that, the fashion show began. Sacoor Brothers showcased their latest collection at the fashion show which opens the Fashion Month 2017 for Gurney Plaza. Let the catwalk begin.


One of the looks from the Sacoor Brothers collection 2017.


The Sacoor Brothers Fashion Show during Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017.


The Sacoor Brothers Fashion Show during Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017.


VIPs and guests concentrating on the Sacoor Brothers Fashion Show during Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017.


The emcee, Nadia, came on stage again after the fashion show and told the guests that it was time for a lucky draw session. Gurney Plaza’s Centre Manager came on stage to give out the prizes to the lucky winners.


After that, it was the end of the opening show for the Fashion Month. VIPs and guests were then invited to Sacoor Brother’s store at Gurney Plaza for an after-party with refreshments. Guests made their way to the store.


At Sacoor Brothers’ store, displays of clothes, shoes and accessories with a hanging chandelier in the store greeted the VIPs and guests. Guests were seen chatting with each other while admiring the latest collection from Sacoor Brothers. Some were browsing through the displays and busy picking out clothes to buy. The team at Sacoor Brothers were professionally attending to the guests’ requests as well as ensuring the store were neatly kept.


Champagne flutes with bubblies in it were carried around to be served to the VIPs and guests. There were choices of red wine and non-alcoholic beverages served as well. The guests mingled around and by about 9pm, most guests have left. The evening has been wonderful and guests left on a cheerful note.


Guests from the management of Gurney Plaza and CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust attending the after-party at Sacoor Brothers.


A group picture of the team from Sacoor Brothers after the after-party at Sacoor Brothers.


A closer view of the group picture of the team from Sacoor Brothers after the after-party at Sacoor Brothers.


We leave you now with a video taken during the opening night of the Fashion Redefined @ Gurney Plaza, showcasing Sacoor Brother’s Fashion Show and the after-party at their store. In case the video does not load below, this is the link to the video :



Gurney Plaza’s Fashion Month 2017 lasts the whole month of April 2017 and there will be great deals as well as discounts throughout the mall. Do drop by Sacoor Brothers while you are there and fall in love with their latest collection, then take home a piece or two for yourself.