Alcohol Jelly Cake, Our New Product

Alcohol Jelly Cake, Our New Product

We have a new product for sale which is our alcohol jelly cake. It is jelly made with alcohol as one of the ingredients and it is packaged like a cake. It is suitable for birthdays, celebrations, occasions and you can even have it as a dessert.


At this moment we have two flavours which are orange vodka flavour and strawberry wine flavour. You can choose between a round, approximately six inches wide cake or individually-packed cakes (something like a cupcake style, where it is suitable for one-person’s consumption). If you choose to order the individually-packed cake, the minimum order is five pieces.


Myle Enterprise Alcohol Jelly Cake
Round alcohol jelly cake.


Individually-packed alcohol jelly cake.


At this moment, the cake is selling at RM60.00. It is a pretty good price considering that it is made with alcohol, which can be a costly ingredient and it is packaged up nicely. You can consider this as an alternative to the usual cakes you can buy like the icing cake.


Here is a video advertisement about our alcohol jelly cake :



More information about this alcohol jelly cake and purchase can be made here :

Event Tips Video : How To Make Bittergourd With Fish Paste Centre

In this blog post, we have a video on how to make bittergourd with fish paste centre. We are showing you how to cook it using the steaming method. Instead of steaming it, it would be suitable to be eaten during steamboat as well.


This would be a good tip for those who want to learn how to make this dish, especially with Chinese New Year coming. As mentioned in our previous post on Chinese New Year, some might celebrate this festival by having steamboat with their families or friends.

Here is the video. In case it did not load, this is the link to the video :


We hope you enjoyed the video and learned something. Madam Wong’s fish paste is for sale, so if you are interested, you can contact us for more information.


Event Video : Making Fish Patty And Fish Patties For Sale

This is our first blog post for the Year 2017, so we would like to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope your year has been going on well so far.


For this post, we are featuring a video on Madam Wong and on making fish patty. In case the video does not load below, this is the link to the video :



The fish patty Madam Wong made is using natural ingredients. She puts less salt and less oil into the process of making the fish patty, so it is very healthy indeed if you are consuming it (provided of course if you do not choose less healthy methods to cook it, for example deep frying it with too much of oil). We have tasted her fish patties which were cooked using different methods, such as steaming and boiling, then laced with stir fried sauce. They were delicious.


Lazy to make your own fish patty ? You can have Madam Wong make it for you as she is now selling the fish patties. You would need to enquire earlier if you are interested to buy as she normally makes the batch of fish patty fresh, so sometimes it is not available. This means that you would need to place an order earlier before expecting to collect the fish patty.


For those who are away from home and missing homemade food, Madam Wong’s fish patties would be great for you. You can buy it and cook it to eat with your rice, noodles or burger buns. Then you can keep whatever portion that you did not use in the freezer and use them later when you want to eat it. The fish patty can be kept fresh for up to two weeks in the freezer, if you wrap it up properly in plastic or cling wrap. Keep in mind that this fish patty is not using any preservatives, so it will not be able to keep as long as the frozen food you find in the supermarkets but at the same time, the fact that it can be kept in the freezer for later consumption is good.


Chinese New Year is approaching and some of those celebrating this festival like to have steamboat meals with their family or friends. This fish patty would be perfect to be used for steamboats. For those coming back from outstation or overseas to celebrate with their family, you might not have the time to shop for raw ingredients, then make the fish patty yourself, especially if you are arriving back in time for the reunion dinner. You can opt to shop at supermarkets for the steamboat ingredients but the options available at supermarkets might be frozen food with preservatives, so if you are someone who prefers to be healthy, the frozen food with preservatives would be a less healthy alternative. You can consider this healthy fish patty instead.


This fish patty is good for anytime consumption, aside from Chinese New Year, as people have steamboat all year round. You can also cook it anytime you would like to eat it.


If you are interested in Madam Wong’s fish patty, you may contact her via her Facebook profile at or you can get more information on this by sending us a message at Our contact details can also be found at

*Please note that this fish patty is non-halal and currently available in Penang, Malaysia. For details on pricing and delivery charges, please contact the contact details mentioned above for further enquiries.