Myle Enterprise’s 5th Anniversary, PME March 2018 Contest

Myle Enterprise’s 5th Anniversary, PME March 2018 Contest

Myle Enterprise celebrated our fifth anniversary last month (6 March 2018). In conjunction with our 5th birthday, we held a contest to give away an adult party package to a lucky winner. The party package consists of a pasta cake, decoration and gift bags which comes with disposable plates, cutleries, napkin and party hat. It is an all-in-one package which is meant to be convenient for our customers.


Our pasta cake is a cake which is made using pasta. It can serve as a meal itself, if you don’t want the hassle of getting other food for your party or it can be a cake which is served along with other food. It may look like a normal pasta baked dish but what we do is we package it up nicely in a cake box which you can conveniently collect or have it delivered to your place. If you are celebrating your birthday, you can let us know and we will include candles and the happy birthday sign on the cake.


The decoration for this party package is relatively simple. We are keeping the price affordable for this package and to make it convenient for those who want a hassle-free package for their celebration. If you want more elaborate decoration and also customised items, it will be more costly. For RM120 for 4-6 persons kind of celebration which has a cake, cutleries, party hat and decoration, it is a good price. You may be able to get these items cheaper if you get them on your own but do factor in the time and energy that you need to spend to get them; think about the travelling, the traffic jam, the crowd at the purchasing places, the queue to pay… You can imagine how much hassle you have to go through. So we make it convenient by putting the whole package together and it will be delivered to you or you can collect it.


The lucky winner for this contest is Ms. Jesselyn Yeoh, who celebrated her 22nd birthday with her friends. Here is the video for this event. In case it does not load below, this is the link :



More information about our party package can be seen by clicking here. To view more information about our Present Me Event March 2018 Contest : Myle Enterprise’s 5th Anniversary event, which includes the answer to some Frequenly Asked Questions, please click here.

New Year 2018, A Review Of Our Business

New Year 2018, A Review Of Our Business

This is the first blog post of the year. Firstly, let us wish you a Happy New Year 2018, which we have wished you in our previous blog post end of last year. We shall look back at what we have done for our business and do a review. There are some parts we want to address which we found that it was detrimental towards our business and we definitely do not want to make the same mistakes again. There are also some things we want to do away with, some ideas that we may have proposed or tested but it does not work for us, so we would rather leave it. We actually do not need to report to anyone for what we have done but just because you are our appreciated viewers, we will just let you know.


Lets start off with thanking our customers especially the paying customers. We appreciate you very much and without you, our business would not be able to survive. Thank you for taking our business services, for your sponsorship, donations and for being with us all these times.



Next off, we want to look at the issue of employment. We would rather not have full time employees and just keep a list of freelancers or work with vendors/suppliers for events. Throughout our short 4 years plus of running this business, we have learnt a lot about business and employment. We would only just hire manpower such as event crews on part-time basis per project basis, when there is a need for the event and if it is a paying customer, then there must be sufficient budget given to pay them. We will just keep a list of freelancers which we can trust (hopefully they do not disappoint like the others have) and only if there is no choice, we will reach out for part-timers we have not worked with.


There were some really good freelancers, vendors, suppliers and volunteers that we have worked with throughout these years in business. We really appreciate those who have carried our their work responsibly and some even did more than they were required to. There were some, though, who were not that good. We had from speakers who were paid by us but claimed the event was theirs when clearly the event was organised or created by us and we did all the work. We are not sales people for this speakers who just ride along and do nothing but speak, then claim it is their event. Our owner is speaking at events as an emcee, so why don’t you do the sales for her instead ? Thank you very much. Do not worry, she will not claim the event is hers if it is not so. If they want to claim that it is their event, then pay us to provide our services at your event, which we will do what we are paid – not us paying you and then you claim it is your event. We definitely would welcome those customers who will just pay, then let us handle all the work and they come on the event day to be the host. Makes it easy for us to do what we do best, which is to organise the event and without any interference from the host.


There was one employee we hired on a long term basis who was with us for about a year who kept messing up but it was minor mistakes (such as bringing the champagne bottle late to the stage when the VIPs were standing there waiting to launch, not carrying out his work and standing with the crowd during the event as though he is a guest, speaking rudely to our paying customer) which we forgave him for his mistakes but towards the last few events, he was so horrible at his job that he did not even turn up for meetings or report to us when he should, then he did not even turn up during the event to carry out his work and stole our handphone which we let him use as part of his employment. Very disappointing. Solution to this, fire this imbecile and for sure never to deal with this person anymore, preferably not even to see this person in our lifetime.


This is the same employee who have the audacity to act like he is the boss as when instructed to carry out his work, he can say “I don’t like it” and do not do his work. Excuse us, you are being paid as an employee to do you work. You are not a separate business entity or the boss. He even fell asleep during his job, in the middle of an event we hired him and he was supposed to refill the beverages as well as clear the event venue when the dining was over. Just because we gave him the chance to work on a new project which we would invest our money in and he were to come in to carry out his work as an employee, but there were times we let him make some decisions and put him in a position of power because we were training him to be a manager or the person-in-charge, in other words, the boss when the boss is not around. He became delusional, thinking that he is the boss or partner of our business. He is paid by us in cash and he has not even invested a single cent in our business. For some of these event jobs, we actually did not need him to come in and work or we could have hired someone else with proper event experience. We created some of these jobs to pay him because he has helped us for some of our previous events/business matters and later on he needed the money. We even had to provide transportation to fetch him from his staying accommodation and sometimes to cover for his meals. It is ironic though because this imbecile stays in a double-storey house and drives his own car.  What nonsense is this about him needing money. Then when he is given the chance through us creating the jobs for him and paid him for those jobs, he not only performed poorly, he was not even responsible, did not do his work and worse still, stole from us. When we are given a chance and paid for our business services, we work diligently to ensure that our responsibility is carried out yet sometimes some of these customers do not appreciate. Most customers are nice and some are so lovely, there are just some not so pleasant to deal with. So much for being kind as it seems that kindness do not pay for business.


Our business is solely run by our owner who has put in a lot of work (because no one will love a business/company as much as the owner him/herself). We do not intend to have anyone to come in to share and there is no need to bring in any partner or make this business huge like those in the share market. We like this business small and in our own control without any other shareholders interfering in our decision making.


Many a times we hear people talking about ‘sharing’. What is there to share ? To be honest, we are not being selfish. When it comes to business, sharing is very hard to define and there needs to be very clear rules on what is meant by sharing. We would rather not have any sharing and would rather pay suppliers, vendors, volunteers, salespeople or whatever we need, if and only if the event customer have the budget. If we want to make anyone a partner or to be a part of our event, for example venue partners, sponsors or media partners, there needs to be very clear rules set out on what will be done by each party. From our experiences, we are sick and tired of having to do 99% of the work, then the others just ride along and do the minimal amount or sometimes nothing at all but the benefits are received  by them (and sometimes they get more benefits and to our detriment). Solution to this, we are using technology and prefer not to hire anyone.



Some of these detriments involves our business paying for everything but mistakes made by others. That is not how we want our business to run. One example is a boutique hotel in town which we held one of our events in – their staff closed the entrance for the public to enter from where the event is held and when asked, they said that there are too many public people walking by and guests were to come in from their hotel entrance at another far area where the event area is not even visible. It was a public event where the more public walking, the better chances for them to come in and visit the event. Their action caused our paying customer to walk one big round to the other entrance and also limited the chances of walk-in guests. One of that hotel manager that we dealt with for this event even dare to speak in a harsh tone, stating that we have to pay for the food that their hotel has prepared.


Firstly, the price that they quoted us was over-priced. We know that for that kind of venue and their menu, they hiked up their pricing and gave a so-called discount, making it seem like they were doing us a great deal, which in actual fact their food served was not even worth that price for a place like a boutique hotel. Secondly, their staff made the mistake and as we do not have an agreement that we need to pay for the food, we actually do not need to. Thirdly, as a hotelier, we do not find it appropriate when they speak in harsh tones especially when we are the paying customer. In the end, Myle Enterprise paid for all the food we mentioned that we will have the guests coming in because we can afford to pay. In actual fact, we do not need to because it was not a clear agreement signed, their staff made the mistake and their hotel never made any effort to help promote this event to help sell the tickets. Fair enough because we mentioned we needed the amount of food for this dealing but the hotel did not take responsibility for their mistake nor did they put in the effort to promote. It was like a free promotion for their hotel but we have to pay for the food. Never again.


There was also another 5-star hotel at the Gurney area where it was a semi-public event where guests purchase tickets to dine and listen to talks. The hotel staff again made a mistake and this time when it came to serving. When told them on the spot that we do not want the coffee to be served with the dessert and only be served after the guests finish the dessert, their hotel servers still carried on as though they did not hear and served the dessert with the coffee even when we quickly recitified the situation to stop the mistake. The server even can reply that their hotel serves the dessert with the coffee. Excuse me, if it is your hotel paying for the food, then you can serve it like that but no, we were paying the hotel, so they have no right to act as they wish. If we are only one part of the event, say one of the sponsors, then we might not have a say in all the aspects and decisions of the event but we created this event and put in a lot of effort as well as time. It is also crucial how the different dinner courses were served because this was a dining etiquette talk and from our experience with this along with our owner’s many experiences dining in very formal settings in United Kingdom, the coffee is only served after the dessert. This caused our guests to have cold coffee and those who finished their coffee had no more to drink when our next event program was being carried out. We told the manager who took the bill to us after the event and he did not rectify the situation. He did apologise and fine, we paid the full bill (how we wish we can have more customers like ourselves who can be lenient and accept such). We find it appalling to have such poor services from these hotels. We later on communicated with the restaurant and General Manager, which we found were not too bad and quite friendly, so we are fine to continue dealing with them.


This was during the beginning years of our business and it was for events we created. We were testing out what we can do, so we kept the venues and tickets at a lower price with less risk and less monetary terms involved should there be any problem. Ideally we would not want to go for low budget and lower end venues are not our ideal places. We also do not want to create events that have to sell tickets as it is not the type of event we want to do. If we use any online registration that states the event as ticketing type, it is because of the registration program/application that was created by whoever that created them and states it as tickets/needs the registration but it is not tickets that we are selling. We are not creating the application.


We can actually make a complaint to the Malaysian Assocation of Hotels and bring up a law suit against these hotels. Law is not something our owner is not familiar with. Just because we want to keep things simple and not make a big deal plus we can afford to pay, we paid these hotels the full bill. Not that we are a pushover, we prefer to settle matters peacefully if we can. We are not going to be so kind towards these people who cause detriment to us anymore. For hotels, we believe hospitality is important and for their staff to be friendly. We met some really unfriendly staff working in hotels which made us think that they are not trained well and not suitable to even be there; surprisingly some are in the management positions. Really portrays what kind of image they have for these hotels. There were of course some really exceptionally friendly staff we spoke to or met at hotels, which we found them to be hospitable and polite. We love these people.



There are many hotels and restaurants all over Penang, so if we see that their service, hospitality, integrity and the way certain venues are not well-run, we would rather not have anything to do with them. We would rather recommend other venues to our customers and if our customer were to request for a certain venue that we have seen how horrible they were, we would advise our customer to consider another place and if they insist, we choose to let go of the profit that we could have made instead. This is because if we were to force ourself to work with such a horrible place, it can turn out disastrous during the event with their staff causing problems and then our customer would not be satisfied. Money is important to us but the cost for rectifying a problem will be more costly and time consuming. We are not just customers to hotels and venues, we can also be the supplier or event service provider. It works both ways. Not only do we pay hotels for their venues/services they can take our business services too. It all depends on who is the paying customer, so if the hotel is the paying customer, then we will follow their instruction and advise them accordingly. If we are the paying customer, then respect us and follow our instruction, not to let your staff act like they are the ones in charge to make the decisions. If both parties are on an equal level for example we are both hired by a customer to provide services and it was the customer who approached us for the services, not the hotel recommending, then we work together to achieve the customer’s objective and to make the event a success. Our responsibility is towards our customer and we do not need to follow the venue’s instruction but rather we will respect that the venue will need to carry out their job and we hope to get the mutual respect that we will carry out our job as we need to.


There were some people who have donated to our business. Before we accept any money, we specifically asked what they want in return and they said nothing. They just want to give these money to let us run our business. We want to ensure that it is not a part of our business we are giving away for this donation, which is not what we want at all as we already stated earlier on we do not want partners for our business. We are not a charity organisation nor are we a public company, so we are not compelled to declare this or restricted to use this money for specifically any part of the business. So, we have actually given back throughout our business years and especially to these donors with them receiving complimentary events that we planned for them and also some other event services. We also invested into some of these giveaways and complimentary services that others have received. As for you, our viewers, did you realise that you have been gaining as well ? You have been receiving valuable information about events and businesses especially when we give you event tips, some information which took us years to gain these experiences. As for those featured in our blog and website, such as companies, brands, businesses and individuals, you have gained viewerships from our blog and also additional viewers when we post these blog posts on our social media. We also sometimes blast these blog posts in our newsletters to those in our database. From the time we set up Myle Enterprise’s blog in March 2016 up until now, January 2018, which is 1 year 10 months, we have created 90 blog posts worth RM135,000.00 with 95,206 viewers from our website and additional amount of viewers when we post them onto our social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) as well as when we do send these blog posts out through our newsletters. This amout far surpasses all donations that we have received.



With the new year of 2018, we are now slowing down our blog postings. We want to focus on other parts of our business. You know, businesses need money to sustain and we do need money. Do not worry, we will still carry on with the blog and we hope you have enjoyed it so far. We will only post once a month instead of weekly and only if we have customers or any posts that we want to post up, we will do so apart from the monthly postings. If you see the value of our blog and would like to be a part of it, then please do keep in touch with us. Thank you for being with Myle Enterprise all these while. Have a great year ahead.

PME – June 2017 Giveaway Ended and Happy New Year 2018

PME – June 2017 Giveaway Ended and Happy New Year 2018

This is our last post for the year. It is the last week of 2017 and a whole new year will be coming in just a few days’ time. Previously we announced our Present Me Event – June 2017 Giveaway (PME – June 2017) back in June which we wrote about here, in a reminder blog post and also another blog post here. We were giving away 1 x complimentary event service. It can be either event service, emcee or blogging service which are services that our business at Myle Enterprise is offering.


This event has been running for some time because we were looking for a suitable winner to give this prize to. So, after so many months, we actually realized that we have been indeed giving away a lot of complimentary services throughout these 6 months. Ironically while looking for the right winner, it has turned out to be many winners that have been receiving our complimentary event services throughout this time.


They have been gaining from our event services such as event advices which are considered as consultations, to our event decoration, decoration items, and also our emcee service. It seems that giving is part of our business but we always stress this : as much as we can give, money is also important. We hope that those who have received will appreciate what they gained and will also give back somehow or other.


We have done our part of giving this year and benefitted quite a few, so it is time to focus on making money now. We need to sustain ourselves, you know. We are sure no one wants to remain with what amount of money they have and will always aim to get better in life from the point of monetary terms and also other aspects in life. Money cannot make you happy, they say but we choose to disagree. With money, you can choose a better lifestyle and you can also have the choice to give more, which can make you feel happier.


Here are some pictures that we have which are regarding the event services, emcee and blogging service that we have given away. We cannot post up every single details and pictures of the complimentary event services we have done as some are on consultation basis and some we choose to keep private.


A table decoration we set up for a private birthday celebration of a lady.


Balloon decoration in flower shape which we created for a private birthday party.


Our centrepiece decoration item displayed at a product display table for an event.


We are sponsoring our emcee services for Exabytes’ MWA 2017’s Award Night taking place on 27 January 2018 in Puchong.


For this sponsorship of emcee for Exabyte’s MWA 2017 Award Night event, even though it is not just a complimentary event service but rather a sponsorship, where there are work put in by both parties (Exabytes’ and Myle Enterprise) to make this sponsorship a success and both parties are benefitting. Sponsorship should benefit not only the party that is receiving the sponsorship but also the party that is sponsoring and ideally both parties have a mutual understanding to put in effort to make the sponsorship turn out as best as possible. In fact, Exabytes are the sponsors for our web hosting of this website. To finish this PME – June 2017 off, we are giving one more complimentary service which is to promote Exabytes’ MWA 2017 Award Night event here. So, Exabytes Group of Companies, you are receiving a complimentary promotion in our blog post for your MWA 2017 Award Night. Here are the details of this event :


27 January 2018 (Saturday)


Ceremony starts at 7.00pm.
(Cocktail Party & Registration: 6:00pm – 7:00pm)


CO3 Social Office @ Puchong
2-3, Jalan Merbah 1
Bandar Puchong Jaya
Puchong, Selangor 47170


Attire: Smart Casual

Dinner and evening snacks (halal) will be provided.

For more information, please visit


With this, we end our PME – June 2017 and this event is officially closed. Stay tuned for our next PME.



We are actually in the running for MWA 2017’s Site Of The Month of December’s award, so we would really appreciate it if you can help us to vote for our website. We have been working hard to give you many blog posts which has useful knowledge. From the time we set up the blog and website, we have been giving you, our dear viewers, many tips and information where you get to gain knowledge and learn. As for those who were featured in our website and blogs, you have gained the value of advertisement and marketing, so we hope our dear customers have benefitted from this and will look into taking more of our event services. Your vote will mean a lot to us. We hope the recognition and acknowledgement we gain from the award will help to let more people know about our website which has been giving so much of valuable information and promotion. Sometimes we do not gain much and there is no monetary term that we receive from giving these out. We really hope that you can vote for us and also look into taking our services so that we can continue giving to you and also to others.


The link to vote for our website is at :

Our owner’s personal website is also in the running for the MWA 2017 Award in the personal category, so please vote for the website as well :


Thank you in advanced.


We wish you a Happy New Year and welcome 2018 with great aspirations.