PME – June 2017 Giveaway Ended and Happy New Year 2018

PME – June 2017 Giveaway Ended and Happy New Year 2018

This is our last post for the year. It is the last week of 2017 and a whole new year will be coming in just a few days’ time. Previously we announced our Present Me Event – June 2017 Giveaway (PME – June 2017) back in June which we wrote about here, in a reminder blog post and also another blog post here. We were giving away 1 x complimentary event service. It can be either event service, emcee or blogging service which are services that our business at Myle Enterprise is offering.


This event has been running for some time because we were looking for a suitable winner to give this prize to. So, after so many months, we actually realized that we have been indeed giving away a lot of complimentary services throughout these 6 months. Ironically while looking for the right winner, it has turned out to be many winners that have been receiving our complimentary event services throughout this time.


They have been gaining from our event services such as event advices which are considered as consultations, to our event decoration, decoration items, and also our emcee service. It seems that giving is part of our business but we always stress this : as much as we can give, money is also important. We hope that those who have received will appreciate what they gained and will also give back somehow or other.


We have done our part of giving this year and benefitted quite a few, so it is time to focus on making money now. We need to sustain ourselves, you know. We are sure no one wants to remain with what amount of money they have and will always aim to get better in life from the point of monetary terms and also other aspects in life. Money cannot make you happy, they say but we choose to disagree. With money, you can choose a better lifestyle and you can also have the choice to give more, which can make you feel happier.


Here are some pictures that we have which are regarding the event services, emcee and blogging service that we have given away. We cannot post up every single details and pictures of the complimentary event services we have done as some are on consultation basis and some we choose to keep private.


A table decoration we set up for a private birthday celebration of a lady.


Balloon decoration in flower shape which we created for a private birthday party.


Our centrepiece decoration item displayed at a product display table for an event.


We are sponsoring our emcee services for Exabytes’ MWA 2017’s Award Night taking place on 27 January 2018 in Puchong.


For this sponsorship of emcee for Exabyte’s MWA 2017 Award Night event, even though it is not just a complimentary event service but rather a sponsorship, where there are work put in by both parties (Exabytes’ and Myle Enterprise) to make this sponsorship a success and both parties are benefitting. Sponsorship should benefit not only the party that is receiving the sponsorship but also the party that is sponsoring and ideally both parties have a mutual understanding to put in effort to make the sponsorship turn out as best as possible. In fact, Exabytes are the sponsors for our web hosting of this website. To finish this PME – June 2017 off, we are giving one more complimentary service which is to promote Exabytes’ MWA 2017 Award Night event here. So, Exabytes Group of Companies, you are receiving a complimentary promotion in our blog post for your MWA 2017 Award Night. Here are the details of this event :


27 January 2018 (Saturday)


Ceremony starts at 7.00pm.
(Cocktail Party & Registration: 6:00pm – 7:00pm)


CO3 Social Office @ Puchong
2-3, Jalan Merbah 1
Bandar Puchong Jaya
Puchong, Selangor 47170


Attire: Smart Casual

Dinner and evening snacks (halal) will be provided.

For more information, please visit


With this, we end our PME – June 2017 and this event is officially closed. Stay tuned for our next PME.



We are actually in the running for MWA 2017’s Site Of The Month of December’s award, so we would really appreciate it if you can help us to vote for our website. We have been working hard to give you many blog posts which has useful knowledge. From the time we set up the blog and website, we have been giving you, our dear viewers, many tips and information where you get to gain knowledge and learn. As for those who were featured in our website and blogs, you have gained the value of advertisement and marketing, so we hope our dear customers have benefitted from this and will look into taking more of our event services. Your vote will mean a lot to us. We hope the recognition and acknowledgement we gain from the award will help to let more people know about our website which has been giving so much of valuable information and promotion. Sometimes we do not gain much and there is no monetary term that we receive from giving these out. We really hope that you can vote for us and also look into taking our services so that we can continue giving to you and also to others.


The link to vote for our website is at :

Our owner’s personal website is also in the running for the MWA 2017 Award in the personal category, so please vote for the website as well :


Thank you in advanced.


We wish you a Happy New Year and welcome 2018 with great aspirations.


Madam Wong’s 70th Birthday

Recently, one of our customer, Madam Wong, celebrated her 70th birthday. We planned a dinner for her birthday which was on her actual birthday night.


Here is the video we created with the compilation of all the videos and pictures taken during her celebrations. She is very lucky to have not just one celebration but more than that. She also had the pleasure of her relatives coming from China to visit her in Penang, Malaysia so there were more feasting throughout her birthday week. They were not told that it was her birthday, though. Watch the video to know more.


Thank you, Madam Wong for being our customer and supporter since the beginning of Myle Enterprise’s time. Wishing you prosperity, longevity, continued happiness and good health always.


Happy birthday to you, Madam Wong.

How To Organise A Simple Private Party

How To Organise A Simple Private Party

Organising an event is not an easy task and requires a lot of attention to details. It is not rocket science as well and it is mostly common sense. You can add a lot of elements into the event especially if you have an unlimited budget. 

Today, we are going to look into the process of organising a simple private party. Private parties are by invitation only and are usually celebrated with people whom you know for example birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or hen nights as it is fondly known in some countries and many more. People can be celebrating anything and everything from welcoming family members back to their hometown to throwing a party on their recent job promotion or saying farewell.

Here are the steps to plan a party.

What are you celebrating and the theme of your event
Know what you are celebrating and if you want, you can choose a theme for the event.

For example, you are throwing a housewarming party to celebrate your recent move to a new house. You can set the theme as “Mi kasa, su kasa” which literally means “My house, your house” in Spanish and have your event setting revolving around items and decoration commonly found in Spain. The saying “mi kasa, su kasa” is also a from of greeting to make your guests feel comfortable and at home but let’s hope that your guests do not go overboard with your hospitality and really start to treat your house like their own home.

Date and time

Decide the date and time of your event.

Number of guests
After that, determine the number of guests you will be having at your event.

You can consider whether you would want to hold the party at your home or out of your home. The venue would need to be able to accommodate the number of guests you are having at your event.

Food and beverages
Next, you decide on whether you want to provide food and beverages at your party. If your answer is yes, then you can consider cooking the food on your own or to hire caterers. You get to show off your amazing cooking skills and save some cost if you cook your own food but it can be time consuming, which you need to factor in the time in your planning schedule. 
Hiring caterers can save your time to prepare and cook the food, especially if you have a huge amount of guests plus the caterers would serve their food and beverages in professional serving dishes. Most caterers also have tableware such as cutleries, plates, bowls and glasses which you can rent at a separate cost. 
Another option on food and beverages is taking away from restaurants or ordering deliveries but you will need your own tableware.


You can then invite your guests and remember to include the details of your event.

Sample invitation

Dress code

It would be good to set a dress code so that your guests know what to wear and what to expect of the party mood setting.

Decoration/Setting up the venue

If you have the budget, you can include some decoration to make the party venue look more attractive. Even if you do not have the budget for decoration, you will still need to think of the set up for the party venue. You will need to consider if there are proper space and pathways for guests to navigate their way around the venue; whether you need chairs and tables. 
If you are holding the party at your own home, then you need to think of whether you will need to rearrange some furniture to accommodate the guests. You would not want your lounge chair to be blocking half the entrance to your home and some random flower decoration in a huge vase brushing your guests’ faces every time they pass by the hallway to get their drinks.

Depending on the party you are throwing and whether you have extra budget, there are other elements you would need to consider such as :
Door gifts

Entertainment such as music to be played during your event
Activities such as games
Hiring photographer and/or videographer

These are the basic steps to organising a simple party. Have fun during your party and at the end of your event, there is always the clearing up of the venue and cleaning up part to take care of.

Of course, it will be much easier to hire an event organiser to take care of all these for you. You can just leave it to the event organiser to plan your party and manage it for you while you sit back and relax. At Myle Enterprise, we can organise private parties for you and we focus mainly on adult social events.