Halloween Game For Team Building

Halloween Game For Team Building

Halloween is coming soon and it falls on the 31st of October every year. We previously organised a Halloween-themed team building for one of the multi-national corporations from U.S.A. that has a branch in Penang, Malaysia.


One of the activities for the team building included a Halloween costume-making game. Participants were divided into groups of 4. They were then given materials such as cloth, glass papers, newspapers, strings, marker pens and face paint to work with. The participants were to create a Halloween costume within a given time frame.



This costume is to be worn by one of the participants and to be showcased during a catwalk session which took place after the costume making session.



The participants in each group have to discuss and make the costume together. This enhances their co-operation skills and team spirit. Talk about spirit during Halloween but this team spirit is good for team building.



The colours of the materials varied for each group. The materials were packed into different bags, which the groups then drew lots to see which bag they would get. The groups were also given a chance to send one of their participants to negotiate with any another groups to exchange materials.



The participants were given time to practise their walk after the costume making session. They were to create a walk that would depict their costume well and to walk the catwalk individually.




After that, the participants walked another round of catwalk with their group members. The group with the most creative walk will be given higher marks.




The group that won this game was the group with the highest mark in total for the costume, the catwalk and the overall group co-operation.


The participants had a lot of fun and were seen laughing throughout the sessions. This was just one of the games held during the team building session that day. We conducted other activities and games during that event. If you are interested to hold your team building event, please do not hesitate to contact us to organise for you. We can also conduct games for your events, which can be an activity for your event which can be other types of events apart from team building events. It can make your event more interesting, fun and let your participants have a good time.




When you run your business, you will definitely need to work with other people at some point of your work. Those people might not be those you hire or from the same company as you and it can be those who are working with you to achieve something. It could be to finish a project or to complete a business service you are providing. Basically you are working towards a certain goal together. Teamwork is very important then.


Even if you run as a one-man show in your company, you need to have the skill of a good team player. Do you realise that the person hiring you for your business service or paying for your product, meaning your customer, is actually one of your team members ? Think about it. You are both working towards the same goal – if it is service you are providing, you are both going towards the goal of having the service carried out or if it is a product, you are both going towards the goal of having the product sold. On your part of a business owner, you would want to provide the best service possible to your customer and your customer wants to receive the service they paid you for.


Let us take for example, your customer is hiring you to plan an event for them. Your customer tells you that she wants purple flowers and purple balloons as part of the decoration, performance of live band and emcee, as well as the activity of musical chairs. So, as a business owner, you set out to source and provide these services. There is no point of you getting red balloons and no purple balloons for the decoration, right ? That is not what your customer requested. Unless there are no purple balloons in your inventory and you cannot find any purple balloons supply anywhere before the event, then you might need to resort to the red balloons but you would let your customer know beforehand and ask if she is fine with red balloons instead. If she is fine with it, then she will leave you to carry on with your event planning for her event. Then on the day of the event, your customer will want to appear at her event as the gracious host and have her event running as she requested. There is also no point for the customer to purposely tell you she wants purple flowers and then half an hour before the event, tell you she wants white flowers in the flowers just because she wants to change her mind, right ? Customer is always right, they say but there is no point being a pain in the neck kind of customer unless the service provider was really terrible, then you can let them have a piece of your mind but no need for unnecessary problem causing. The decoration would have already been up before that last half an hour before the event and there is a possibility that there are no white flowers supply at that time as well. Even if there are white flowers available, the supplier will need to take down the decoration to put the white flowers in and take out the purple flowers, which will take time and your guests might arrive with the decoration still being put up. No point stressing up the event planner and also stressing yourself up. You see, the end goal here is to have the event planned and running. The business owner gets to provide his/her service and the customer gets her event. It can be seen as a team work because you would both want the event to be running and as smoothly as possible.


Then there is the case of being a team player with team members not from your company and they are also not your customers for example other suppliers/vendors which your customer has has hired to work with on a project. You will need to have teamwork skills to work together and finish the project. Needless to say, if you are from the same company and even more in the same department at your work, then you need to work with your colleagues to ensure that all your department’s work are carried out. We know of people who are hard to work with and just cannot get along with others. Those people should reflect on themselves. Being rebellious without a cause gets you nowhere and we ask, what is the point of purposely not doing something to the detriment of yourself and others ? Very silly.


We have met some smart people and especially smart business people who knows the benefit of being a team player. One example is when we post up blog posts that talk about them and it highlights their services, products or about them, they will share it on their website or social media. Some will need to be asked while we have seen those really smart ones where we do not even need to ask to share the blog post which actually has contents about them and they automatically post it on their sites. It is actually advertisement and readily created post about them, which they can easily post up on their site. If only we have more smart people in this world. Then there are those who actually do not want to post up when the content is something good about them or their company. Then too bad for them if they do not realise the benefit, for the contents we create in our blog post does not benefit us much if it is unpaid posts and actually shows about other people or companies. It actually benefits the person/company being written about and also benefits the viewers reading the blog posts where they can gain some knowledge or so. We would understand if it is not a good review about them or their company and they do not want to share the blog post in their sites but if it is talking about their product/services and especially something good, then no reason why not to share in their sites. It is not like sharing the blog post literally means they have to share part of their money that they make, it is just posting the already created blog post in their sites. We met some who promised to share it in their sites but after that do no keep their words. Some are just employees of companies and they probably cannot be bothered. If their bosses know about it, their bosses would be thinking why they hired such dim wits. We definitely do not want to deal with people who do not keep their words and it is unfortunate for companies that hired such employees for we have hired such employees before and we definitely do not fancy those. We can talk more about such terrible employees in another blog post if we choose to touch about that subject next time.


For now, to finish off this post, we stress on the importance of being a good team player. Of course this applies to cases where you are actually in a team and are going towards achieving an objective or a goal. It is not like you need to listen to everyone on a daily basis especially if they are not a paying customer. There is also no point to purposely not do something just because you want to be rebellious and then let it cause you loss. If you see that you are in a team, then do be a good team player. If you are interested to enhance your team’s teamwork skills, we do provide team building events services and planning.



More Types Of Event Seating Arrangement and Layout

More Types Of Event Seating Arrangement and Layout

Last week we published our blog post called “Types of Event Seating Arrangement And Layout“. This week, we include more types of event layout and seating arrangements.

1. Horse-shoe

Horse-shoe layout.

Horse-shoe layout is in a rounded-U shape. There are only chairs placed in the horse-shoe shape with no tables. It is usually used for bigger groups.

2. Oval

Oval seating arrangement.

Oval style is just like the horse-shoe, where there are only chairs but it is arranged in the shape of an oval.


3. V-Shape

V-shape layout.

This setting consists of two rows of tables, arranged in a V-like shape, if you are looking at it from the back of the room. There is a row of table on the left and a row of table on the right, with sufficient space for people to walk in between the two rows, to get to the front of the room. There is usually a speaker, presentation or program going on at the front of the room.


4. Herringbone


Herringbone layout.

Herringbone setting is rows of tables and chairs but inverted inwards in the middle of the room. Imagine fish bones but without the centre bone. It is like classroom style except the rows of tables and chairs are placed like arrow shape, if you are looking at it from the front of the room.


5. Theatre


Theatre-style layout.
Theatre style is where there are rows of chairs all facing towards the front of the room, where there is usually a stage area with speaker, presentation or performance going on. It is like the layout you see in the cinema or performance hall. There should be sufficient space for guests to slide in between the rows of chairs to get to their seat. There are walking spaces in between the columns containing rows of chairs.


6. Cocktail

Cocktail layout.
Cocktail setting is where guests are all standing. Most of the time, cocktail tables (high tables) are placed at the event venue and sometimes, no tables and chairs at all. Guests can easily mingle and speak to other guests. Drinks are usually served and the type of food served for the guests’ convenience of eating would be cocktail-style food like finger food. It is advisable not to serve food that would require guests to use their fork and knife to cut as that would result in the rocking of the cocktail table.


7. Top table and sprigs


Top table and sprigs layout.
Top table and sprigs are commonly used in the western countries, especially in the United Kingdom. It is usually for more formal occassions. The table where it is referred to as “top table” is where the host and the important guests are seated. Sprig refers to the tables that are lined in front of the top table. The word ‘sprig’ means a small twig or stem with leaves or flowers on it. The line up of the tables and chairs resemble sprigs.


Some of the pictures on the seating arrangements above were created using AllSeated.com. There are many types of event layout that you can use for your event and you can even create your own layout. At the end of the day, what is important is that your layout allows your guests to move about and also be seated comfortably without getting blocked or knocked into. Imagine if you are standing and holding a drink while chatting with another guest at an event, then someone knocks into you because the tables were placed too close together and there is no place for guests to walk around. You would not like that.


Another example of layout not well thought of is tables and chairs placed too close together that when you are seated, the chair behind is touching your chair. Then when you want to get up and push your chair behind, you can knock the person sitting on the chair behind and have him cup his/her face into the soup bowl. Now, we would not want that to happen. So just use some common sense when it comes to creating your layout for your event.