We have another event tip for name tags in this blog post, which we gave you one tip on name tags last week. Here is our tip for this week :


“When writing name on name tags for your event guests, ask the guest what is his/her preferred name to be stated. Avoid using just a first/last name if there is another person with similar first/last name.”


We have attended an event where the event team registering the guests just put the last name on the name tags for all the guests. There were a few guests with the same last name and it would be harder for the guests to know who is being called when the same name is called out. Last name is your family name or surname, for example ‘Leong’, ‘Lim’ or ‘Smith’. Imagine a few people with the surname Lim on their name tags and when the speaker calls out Lim, which Lim would the speaker be calling ? It is best to include a first name and last name or if you have limited space on the name tag, then use an initial for the first name or last name, for example “M. Spencer”.



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