Event Creator & Event Services in Penang, Malaysia since 2013, providing event organising and planning services for adult social events, event items (decoration, gift sets, door gifts, handmade items), performance (emcee, solo dance & choreography) and blogging. We can organise corporate events (team building, office party, annual dinners), private events (birthday, wedding anniversary, happy celebrations) and public events (workshop, promotions).

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Myle Enterprise Event, Dinner Talk

We organise different types of events focusing on adult social events. From corporate to adult private events and public events, we organise and create events.


With experiences speaking for formal and non-formal events, our multi-lingual emcee can emcee for your events. We can move the event program along and entertain your guests.


Our blog features events, event tips, companies, services and products related to events. Our viewers get knowledge and our customers get the value of marketing & advertisement.

Our contact details are as follows (or you can click on the icons below to view our social media).

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